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Made in 48hrs for Asylum Jam 2013. Might be highly unoptimized because of that. Requires flash 11.

Also if you have trouble reading the text you can rotate the camera during talking to get a better background for it.

WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
Spacebar or Enter to interact.

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The font can be unreadable if you're up close to someone when you interact with them. It would have been nice if you could back out or move to a readable spot with all of them, but that's not the case. In some cases it locks you into a single perspective that you can't leave.

I get the premise is that this guy ruined his marriage because he wouldn't put the camera down, but then you try this "the watcher is watching" thing that doesn't really fit with why they would do that in the first place. I know they were the ones he thought were opossums, but there's not further development on that. It's a thing where an answer to the "why" would work.

Well heres my opinion on this game.... On that Maze/Opposum/Whatever it's called was not really the best one for me. 1) How is it creepy?! Like really, When I went into the kids room, it was dark but then I saw someone in the distance. I was all like: " is that slendy"!? But then when I came closer I was just like: "Oh". :P The only thing creepy about this game is that they have no arms or no faces. :P 2) The walks so S L O W. But if he was too fast that would be kinda annoying. The slow thing was pretty annoying for me at the Maze/Opposum/Whatever it's called level. 3) the house is HUGE!!!! I get that annoying maze like feeling. It's like they live in a really big rundown house or something. It's really annoying at the Maze/Opposum/Whatever it's called level. It didn't have a mini map or something. So I kept getting irritated. I got bored after a while so, that was the end of that. I thought this was gonna be a favourite, but you know.... The concept of this was pretty good but.... You know what it is. I like 1st person view games. But like this.... Not so much. 2.5 stars for this. Could have been better. :P

WHATS SCARY IS THAT THEY FACE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!!!No...that's called raycaster...

so slow

what's creepy is that they don't have arms

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2013
10:33 PM EDT