Hardcore Fighter

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It's a simple and fun plane shooting game with upgrading system!Have fun with it!


this game is so addictive that i can't stop playing it... keep it up is awesome.

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good game for a first attempt, but there are some frustrating aspects to it.

1.Money: it gets frustrating to save money for later upgrades especially when more difficult enemies drop the same amount as the easiest. increase the money drops or put a level multiplier.

2.spec bar: a way to differentiate between low,ready,and full.

3.enemy bullets always on top. my shot hides a red bull and so I run into it.

4. of course graphics and sound but this isn't a biggie in my book.

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the gameplay is awesome,and so is the music.just a little work on the graphics and it will be complete.

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I am loving this game. with every run i feel my self getting better at the game. i would like it if the background was a touch more dynamic but next to good game play that is nothing. as i have been going through the game i have noticed that there is a invisible power bar consistently counting down with removes your power ups even after you buy the upgrade that boost your weapons power. i find that somewhat troubling and i cant tell if this is true or not but as i was starting to get the last few speed upgrades it looked like the item frequince was getting scrambled and things like one ups and power boost stopped spawning. anywhay thank you vary much, i had some fun with this.

TinyForce responds:

Yes,every level of power up has a duration time,but the power ups should not stop spawning,I'll check that,thanks all your feedbacks,encouraged me a lot :D

What a fun little game. :D

Some suggestions:

-Make the power bar change color when you can shoot.
-Actually, that's all I can think of at the moment. Forgot the others. xD

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3.79 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2013
9:36 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight