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Author Comments

Year 2543 mankind has abandoned earth. High radiation level and pollution made it uninhabitable. You play as robot sent to earth from space on his mission to activate all emission beacons to clean post-apocalyptic earth from radiation and give life on planet second chance. Can you complete your quest in this open world platform game?


Arrow keys or A, D - Move

Z or UP - Jump/Double Jump/Wall Jump

M - Map

S - Sound ON/OFF


-UP jump and A, W, D controls added

-Wall glue time reduced

-Boss speed reduced

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I'm so glad that I've played this game. The gameplay is great, the difficulty wasn't too hard or easy for me, and I felt as though my character moved fluidly. Though it took me more than a few days to complete it, I've enjoyed every moment that I've played it. Even when some emission beacons (EX: The boss, the one on top in 2-2) took me a while to beat, I wasn't truly frustrated. Great job with the overall design depicting a post-apocalyptic Earth.

A great game!

2.5 hours goddamn.


What a wonderful platformer! Tough but fair. I'm really disappointed that it hasn't gotten more attention. Everyone loved Super Meat Boy so much. I feel like people would love this too, if only it was more well known! Dang that ending though. . . . Why didn't anyone reactivate the robo baby? :( It made me so sad. I'm sure someone would have seen the robot when they were rebuilding society.

Anyway, as great as this is, there needs to be one vital feature implemented- a teleportation feature. Sometimes I would go the wrong way and would have to back track. Sometimes I'd have to redo entire sectors just to get to one where I had un-activated beacons. While this is a very solid game, it was still a great pain in the butt to have to do that. And so I strongly think that this game would really benefit from the ability to teleport to any beacon you have already activated. You can just open up the map and click on an active beacon to travel between sectors. It would be so much less frustrating. Please at least think about it! Thank you. I also read that you reduced the boss speed. I find that quite odd. I thought he was too slow.

Anyway, it looks like you haven't been making games much. I hope you haven't given up because this is a piece of art. And I really hope you make some sort of successor to this one day.

Such a rad game! I've lost count of how many time I've finished the game, can't stop playing. The first play through was brutal but very enjoyable. Had to take a few breaks to avoid rage quitting :D

Keep up the great work!