Trevors Teleporting Eleva

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Get interactive and explore with a trip I took in a building with a teleporting elevator that sends me to different places from across the world and other Dimensions as well.

PS: I will add more animated buttons in the future.

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Honestly, this is...really lame. The "links" above the elevator buttons don't go anywhere. A majority of the buttons were just a creative way you found to waste people's time. In addition, you should really make all the buttons lead to the same places, regardless from which room you press them. For example, I might press a button on the elevator when I'm looking out into space. This does nothing now, but it leads to a different place when I press it from the home elevator screen. The sounds are extremely annoying, and there should be a way to turn the music off. Also, I don't know if you realized this, but one of the buttons just leads straight back to the menu screen.

Really, this shouldn't even be classified as a game. It's pretty much just an interactive movie of sorts. Once you choose a button and press it, assuming that it's one that even does anything, there's nothing you can do to interact with the world to which the elevator has just opened up. You just sit back and watch it happen. You may say, "But wait! You can still control the order of events!" But frankly, that does nothing to change the course of the game. To me, games should be win or lose, and they should have a goal that you need to get to in order to win, ESPECIALLY point 'n click games. If I were you, I would just take this off the website and save myself the embarrassment.

Cool but only 3 for me works 2 in the upper left buttons and below the button that makes you go back to main menu but well nicely done I hope you continue this and make all buttons work :)

I know you probably intend to add more in the future, but you really should have added more to the base before you started, also, this is more of a gadget then a point and click adventure, still pretty good

Only four buttons work and one of them sends you back to the start screen. The elevator music was fitting and the animation was good, but without more of a variety of scenes I find this game lacking. Nice concept, just keep working at it! XD

Interesting concept if you're bored good for passing the time elevator music is meh and buttons wre freakishly small but yeah add more animations thats all

Rovertarthead responds:

Thank you I promise I guess I just need more support to get the job done.

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3.60 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2013
2:30 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click