Trevor Dress up 2009

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Whos your favorite Trevor? Well hopefully I am! Introducing the Trevor the cartoon dress up game with plenty of options to choose. Nothing like a good ol classic dress up game. This was the first game for me to ever make of my own (and on my own). I have no idea on how to Actionscript, Program or create a proffesinal game I just know how to draw and do animations best.
I've always been wanting to make games too so I've at least learned some of making buttons and moveable cloths from watching tutorials on Newgrounds or youtube. And thats how I was at least able to make something easy and basic.

I could make an awesome game with my animations... But I just don't know how to Action script... So I created this game back in 2009. Why so long? Cause like I said I had trouble with the ActionScript or I didn't know how a sertiant part worked. So this is what I can get so far. Hope its an ok dress up game.

Its a dress up game cause I dont know how to create a more advanced game than this... This is the easyest.

PS: If theres Anything wrong with this game please note me about it and let me know and I'll check it out and fix it. Also I'll be Updating in even more cloths and ones that I didn't put in yet. I also Finally got it Submitted here on NGs! Looks like they made the file size bigger now cause this game was too big for this website before that's why it was only submitted to Deviantart 1st.

Save and Load button don't work. (So you could just ignore thos for now)
Could get messy. But you could allways re-set with the button at the bottom left.
Don't forget to try out the different types of music to listen too at the top.
The Quality button is for easyer animation.(If you have a slow computer)


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The music No. 3 is horrible.

Rovertarthead responds:

Hmm I think it's supposed to sound like that lol. But thank you very much for your stars.

lol its 2013 but who really cares right :D

Rovertarthead responds:

Kinda but if you read my whole description it's because I don't know how to Action script. That's why It's finally Submitted today. And not only that NGs had a file size problem. My game was so big and filled with awesomeness that it couldn't fit on this website. So I Submitted it to Deviantart in 2011. But now they fixed it. So here it is on here.

Keep it up. I don't like most dress up games, but I can see tht you put some effort in this one. When you put a save/load options in it that will truly be a more unique dress up game. Congratz on learning to program flash as well :)

Rovertarthead responds:

Why yes that's absolutely right if I were to make a dress up game I would at least want to make it worth it and with some cool options at least that I havent really seen other dress up games do. But thank you so much for your help and review hopefully some day i'll figure out that save and load button stuff.

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3.67 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2013
2:11 AM EDT
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