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Mission In-VINCE-able

rated 2.84 / 5 stars
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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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Oct 12, 2013 | 10:56 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Uncle Vince's Mission In-VINCE-able

In this hilarious and fully voice-acted point and click adventure, based on characters created by voice actor/singer/comedian Scary Pete, secret agent/assassin/love-machine Uncle Vince must locate the gruff and somewhat flatulent underworld kingpin known as "Papa" and retrieve a stolen document before it’s too late, but he'll have to get past Papa's henchmen and bodyguard first. His ways may be unconventional, but Vince always gets the dirty job done...te-te-te. The game features many unique personalities, funny original songs, and generous amounts of innuendo...and even a little outnuendo, boyfriend!


Point and click with the mouse to walk, interact with people and objects in the environment, and pick up items. Equip items by clicking on them in the upper left corner, and click in the environment to use them. The game automatically saves progress between browser sessions.

Main Characters:

Uncle Vince (Agent “Double Oooooh Heaven”) - Uncle Vince might best be described as a French Canadian cross between Austin Powers™ and Rambo™, although he has been around longer than both. Vince would remind you that this is the only instance in which he came first-te-te-te! He may perm his hair and dye it gold, and is lilting voice and soothing French accent may lull you to sleep (or at least to bed). But don’t be fooled - Vince is one tough customer, with a never-say-die attitude...unless of course you mean “dye”, in which case he says that to his “coiffeur” about every three weeks.

Papa (Underworld Kingpin) - As odd as it sounds, Papa didn’t set out to become an underworld kingpin. He just sort of fell into the whole line of work...literally. Papa initially aspired to be a world-famous ballerina. However, while dancing in the Sicilian National Ballet’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar - “Et Tutu, Brute?”- he tripped on his sword (not a metaphor), and fell into the front row, inadvertently impaling from behind (again, not a metaphor) the would-be assassin of Mob boss, Vito Proscuito, who was attending the show. Vito insisted on showing Papa his gratitude (once again, not a...agh, never mind). Years passed, and badaboom-badabing, Papa became the North American underworld king. Oh, and did we mention he has this gastro-intestinal condition? You’ve been warned.

Tony Provalone (Piano Man) - Tony is no pushover. His powder blue tuxedos, frilly lounge-lizard shirts, and 70s-era mullet and mustache cover up one heck of a good fighter. He fancies himself more of a lover than a fighter, but sadly his record indicates otherwise. And by record, we mean his actual CD recording, “Whine and Cheese”. The title speaks for itself, but the tunes are worth a listen, nonetheless.

Raj Mataj (Doorman) - Raj is another skilled fighter, having studied extensively at India’s College of Meditation and Assassination, where he mastered Hand-to-Hand-Combat-Yoga (known on the street as “Yoga-na-get-it-now-sucka”). That said, he didn’t set out to become a henchman for an underworld kingpin. No, wait a second...actually, he did. The caption beside his graduation yearbook photo from Mumbai High clearly says, “Ambition: to move to North America and become a henchman for an underworld kingpin.” Sorry - our bad.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

This was very funny at start but the jokes got old really fast. The grandma was the funniest character, hilarious accent indeed.

Also game was too easy and very short. Shortness might be a blessing in disguise trough because the long speeches of main character while funny at start got really annoying by the end.

And lastly this game was disappointingly linear considering it was made by Clickshake - creators of many high quality adventure games with multiple endings and with strong non-linearity.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

this has to be one of my favorite point and click adventures in a long time the story was engaging the art was lovely and the characters had personality which is rare and i absolutely loved the main character overall i would say this is a lovely game and would love to see more games like this 10/10


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

he talks to much tetete


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is pretty good. Despite the cheesy dialogue and the overuse of innuendoes, this has quite a funny story and a nice amount of gameplays. I do wonder though. What is Cindy from Zee and the Alien Machine doing there and under another alias? Isn't is she supposed to be in Hell after what Zee did to her in two of the endings for that game?


Rated 5 / 5 stars