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Its an Anime spoof, it goof.

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Pro:1)The art itself is quite good, the animation itself seemed simple but did its job quite well.
2)Accurately described many of the anime stereotypes providing chuckle worthy material, especially to people who have been exposed to anime.
Cons:1)People without any exposure to Anime might be going "WhatisthisIdonteven"
2)Anime has been subject to parody before.

Also 4 months ago I remember your youtube channel made a comment on Smokio Land 2: 6 Green Coins which said "snoop lion"

I really love your style. It's cute and colorful and works perfectly. But the delivery lacks. Maybe some music or better use of sound effects or something. I just feel like there's not really a punch line or whatever. Just gracefully referencing animes of different genres with no catch. I love your work, but i feel like it should be definitely improved from the time of your first few videos.


i couldn't bring myself to like this, I just can't i usally love your animation style and voice acting for all your videos but this just felt off to me, it didn't feel like something you guys would do. The animation didn't looked as good or as clean to what i am use too and it didn't feel as fluid, they felt stale, almost clunky. while the jokes did portray the cliches of anime's nicely they weren't pattern out well through the video, it seem almost rush like you just need something out there for the time being. I did like the bright and vivid color schemes you went with for the characters and backgrounds that felt like one of your videos but over all i didn't enjoy it I hopr this isn't a recurring problem i will have with your next installments of videos because like i said i do really enjoy your work and i don't want to stop watching them because of something like this. Hope to love your next video

It's almost scary how accurately this defines anime in a nutshell xD

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Oct 11, 2013
3:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
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