60 Sec Artist! Halloween

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This is a Halloween expansion for 60 Second Artist, featuring 50 all new themed phrases, as well as two new colours and updated graphics and sound.

Each time you complete an artwork, you'll earn 3 pumpkins. The more pumpkins you have, the higher you'll be able to reach on the 'Top Artists' list.

Thanks for playing, and Happy Halloween!


Not the best game really, just a bunch of scribbles. Sorry Jack.

im gonna be honest here. There is absolutely nothing unique about this game. Its pretty much one of those "draw my thing" games on facebook take away everything that makes it fun. There is no point of drawing things to yourself that only you will see. also by the looks of it, you get points for drawing virtually any scribble in this game. yea, but i can still see effort put into this project. the only reason i can say well done to this is because you built it from the ground up possibly all by yourself.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks for playing and taking the time to review anyway. I did look into adding more social features, but what I managed to get working really lagged so I decided not to include it.

I guess this is more of a little gadget then an actual game, ahah


JackAstral responds:

lol thanks for playing and reviewing anyway!

This game didn't really entertain me all that much. I think that if this was maybe somehow multi-player it would be a lot more fun, but when you're just drawing by yourself, you start to get bored and your creations go unnoticed. In my opinion, I could just break out a piece of paper and draw on it an have more fun with it because it lasts and other people can see it.

JackAstral responds:

Okay, fair enough. Thanks for trying it out anyway!

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2.87 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2013
12:31 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other