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Evade hundreds of pieces of space debris as you upgrade your guns and to survive the never ending onslaught. Space above the world has become a death zone due to space debris. It's your mission clear it out and survive. Enjoy action packed shoot em up arena shooting with awesome starter upgrades and a completely dynamic leveling and upgrade system to tweak your cannon in your own niche way to most effectively destroy all the different types of debris.

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This is a good concept. but it feels like it was rushed of wasn't completed. I suggest updating the debris to meteorite graphics and taking extra measures to make sure it wasn't browser-intensive. Despite being a simple 2D flash game, my computer lagged like crazy! Still, fun game.

Is pretty easy to win with high rate shoots and multiple shoots upgrades, seems like the damage increase by its own, im not sure if its a level limit for each upgrade, i just can keep increasing the rate of fire like crazy. Found a dew problems, like when multiples shoots fills the screen they start to avoid hitting enemies and pass through them, and when you die the score reset but the upgrades still on! so that means you can keep increasing the rate of fire even more and easy, making the game long and boring after a few minutes.

+Good Music
+Easy and addictive to play
+features like damage and multiple upgrades

-Same bar-shape enemies all the time
-Long and boring to keep trying to level more than 7
-Problems on Restart button keepping the upgrades and the bullets avoiding enemies.

3/5 I still like it,


Really enjoyed this one - except for when the game froze up and crashed my browser. Not sure why that happened. But i did like it.
It's simpistic but none-the-less fun.

Nice little game fairly addictive. Using the machine gun in about 8 levels I could just sit in one spot and nothing would come even close so maybe nerf that

For now ill give you 0 as a punishment for uploading a game with a bug you would definetly spot after playing your own game about 20s. I hate bunglers.

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3.11 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2013
2:40 PM EDT