Skitzo-Birds of a Feather

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Oh happy days, those animation historians have done it again and found another rare Skitzo the Bear film from 1921! "Birds of a Feather!" was one of the few films that actually lasted more than a few days in theaters due to the fact that the film itself would melt and fuse into the projector boxes it was played in, resulting in unstoppable loops of the animation and an inability to remove it from the sealed/melted projectors. Theater owners complained it drove their audiences into fits of mad sobbing and spontaneous bloody noses, many of them pulled out their teeth and hair from watching the complete version of this scrap. Sadly a complete copy of this short is not expected to be recovered since every copy was burned within the projectors that played them. This particular clip was salvaged in the husk of an old nickelodeon projector that had been sealed in cement inscribed "so as to never let its horrible contents be seen again". What they didn't know what that they actually saved a very rare bit of nitrate from being destroyed and letting us take a peek at what might have been....


Found this email in my spam, and now I'm here! I remember these animations. The classics!

Comick responds:

An email in your spam??? That's weird! I wonder who was posting about Skitzo years ago?? Glad you liked it though haha


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Comick responds:

Haha thank for watching! :)

Holy shit!

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Comick responds:


I'm just posting my comment on this movie, just because you can't
comment twice on one. (Continuation of my review on "Giving Season")

The thing is, I don't have a bias against creepy things, I actually quite
like them; but this just doesn't... Click. Like I said, it's a great series,
and I'd expect many people to like it, just not me. My opinion doesn't
necessarily matter to you, though. (I'm guessing) But now that you
mentioned it, I have a different perspective on the series. Now I know
it's not only for shock factor (though it is a big part of it), but it's to
show a great story about our psychotic main character: Skitzo. It's
really quite brilliant when you get down to it.

And by the way... "It does mean you have to think a little like skitzo..."
W̶͝h̴҉o ̛͏̕s͏̧a͠y͏͝s̵̛͜ ̶̕͜I̧͝͏ ̸̸̨h̷̷a͜͜v̸͟ȩ̛ǹ'͘t̀ ̨͢a̴̸͝ļŕęa͝d͠y̶҉̡?͏

Overall, the little insight you gave me, bumped this up by 0.5. *Sparkle*
Great series!
Someone you're probably sick of by now~

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Comick responds:

Haha no worries man I'm never sick of feedback and comments! Thanks for the follow up and actually giving the episode a shot. I appreciate that you bothered to look more into Skitzo as a character and yeah once I release more episodes hopefully they will continue to reveal more and more about this twisted character and how he operates so that its not seen as all shock (since it a part of him but not the purpose of the pieces). Thanks again!

It would have been better if he had used his demonic evil powers to catch the worm for the bird in some terrifying and impossible way.... and THEN, when everyone thinks he's being kind to the little bird, THEN crush the life out of it. Just to make it a SURPRISE ending there. The way it is is just too simple.

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Comick responds:

hahaha yeah the worm got lucky this time! He didn't die...but that's because he popped up and then went bolting out of there! That was the birds fatal mistake...

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