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A Fall from Grace

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Puzzle your way through this surreal world in the story about right and wrong.

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As far as a point and click adventure game goes this is close to perfection - interesting world, imaginative animation, smart puzzles and unique gaming mechanics with using the Holy Wings an Evil Wings to interact with the world.

The game is very Aesthetically pleasing, cool mixture between animation and photography. I liked how fragments classical paintings were used in this game to great functional effect, the bridge from Michelangelo's painting of God touching Adam was the best.

Only imperfections in this game are small technicalities, like lack of fullscreen, lack of animated cursor and sometimes clumsy pathfinding.

I managed to solve all puzzles trough they were challenging, except one - the one with bugs. That one required either thinking or patience I didn't have. I still find that puzzle great despite me requiring walkrough to solve it. All other puzzles were great too especially ones that required the use of Wings.


How to not give this 5 stars? If it wasn't for the poor and sometimes annoying collision detection, this would be PERFECT!

Once I got stuck and had to restart the game. I was going back to the boat, the boat site was shown, but the character didn't appear, it got stuck somewhere and after a lot random clicking I decided to reload the page. I thought "this game is worth another try". Then when the game loaded again, I saw the option to continue from the best point. Great!

This game is beautiful in every aspect.

Thanks for making this.


Wonderful music and sounds effects (the mumbled talking of the people and the seagulls off the shore. I love the sand, and the grass, and the grey sky, and the mossy log...its ALL stunning and its these small details that make it brilliant.

Was a good game up until the sliding puzzle. Too obnoxious to put in a P 'n C adventure. You work for a mouse manufacturer? lol!