Epicos Epic Adventure

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Author Comments

King Epicos Epic Adventure was my very first game and it was made about 3 years ago! And I finally decided to publish it.

You control King Epico with the keyboard and you control his companion Nini with the mouse.
IMPORTANT- You ONLY use Nini when you are going to solve some sort of puzzle, so you dont need to hold your hand on both mouse and keyboard.

There is 5 worlds each with 5 unqiue levels and when i say unique i mean it, every single level has something you´ll only find in that level weather it is an enemy a puzzle or obstacle. I wanted it to be a very unique experience. There is also 5 big bosses in the game! This is a big game so I also included a save feature.

This game has both lots of action and is considered pretty hard, NO ONE except me has beaten it. But it is fair!

Below is a guide to some of the harder puzzles incase you get stuck:

level 1-2: Click on the glowing tree.
level 1-4: Ride with the platform up to the sky to find the key.
level 2-1: Drag the platforms.
level 2-2: fall through the quicksand.
level 2-3: Find all 3 jewels and go to the stone with the jewel holes, then go to were the arrow points.
level 2-4: Drag up the pyramid from the sand.
level 3-2: jump on the switch then go back and jump up the tube.
level 3-3: look at the cards, jump on the switch go all the way left drag the card symbols in the correct order then go back all the way right.
level 3-4: drag the glowing planets.
level 4-2: jump from the higher platform down on the ice so it breaks.
level 4-3: click on the glowing christmas tree.
level:4-4: drag the clouds to get across, then drag the fire onto the snowman.
level 4-5: find and break all 4 crystals then jump down the hole.
5-1 : there is an invisible platform you only see when the thunder strikes go out on it and hit the switch which opens the door to the clocktower.
5-3: go left and find the flower, then go all the way right.

I worked so hard on this game the I got left out on someone who was gonna sponsor it and just disappeared which lead me to just get pissed off. Well I am no longer pissed of so here is my very first game King Epicos Epic Adventure.

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The reason why I'm giving this game 5 stars is because of the wonderful music and graphics. But the game gets a little hard at 1-3 but it doesn't make the player pull their hair out until 1-5 which was just inexcusably frustrating. And by the time you're at 2-3, you're wondering why you played the game in the first place. I suggest you edit 2-3 to make it easier please.

wonamik responds:

Thanks for your kind words, this was my first game and I started making it over 5 years ago:) I am making a game for Wii U at the moment

well i kind of liked this it's fun and it's a try a lot of times game. i could see this on ng.

This game kinda reminds me of Kirby.. lol

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2013
1:57 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop