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"The Social Media Generation"

This is an adaptation from the original comic "Marc Maron: The social media generation" by Zen Pencils.

The script used in that comic is a quote from Marc Maron's book "Attempting Normal".

This animation is also available on youtube in HD.

Enjoy! :)


Very nice, I like how the colorlessness gives off that ambient, slightly depressing feeling.

It was entertaining, deserves a 5.

I have a cell phone, but I resent it.

I use facebook to talk with friends who have moved away, and then only irregularly. I also use it to share interesting things on the web, such at this animation. "Look at these things!" I say. I think it means that I do not concentrate on myself, but I wonder if I am so different after all. Am I trying to get other people to acknowledge me through acknowledging something else? I do not believe so...

I am happy that I do not have a twitter account, as the idea of sharing constant "status updates" about my thoughts is revolting to me. I am comfortable going more than an hour without meaningful human interaction, even days, if nothing presents itself. Occasionally, I do wish to talk to another human being, but half the time they are staring at their cellphones and have earbuds in their ears. Is social media killing social interaction?

For better or worse, I intend to share this on facebook. I'm part of the shrinking minority that believes communication is about provoking meaningful thought in another entity, instead of affirming one's own existence. Vote me down, vote me up, skim me over, whatever. I am aware that I am shouting into the dark, and I do not expect even an echo. I do not need to know whether I impact somebody to make my actions, and even my existence worthwhile

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The reality can be funny, weird, misterious, and the most problematic part, super destructive, I mean, I think I'm the only guy in the world to don't like and don't have a fucking cellphone, this thing is really eating the brain of people, everytime I see someone on a cellphone, facebook is another problem, my fear is that this people in the near future (I mean really near), don't do anything different than look at that fucking little screen and talk with people with words, not by REAL voice, the future resumes to:
Robots, Internet, Cellphones, Digital things, Modernity, everything easy, and for some reason, the most important part I can't remember by anyway.
Thanks for this important piece, I hope people watch this and stop using this shit all the time already.

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Love the fact that you animated a ZenPencils comic. True gem of the internet, that site is.

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