Scarf and Dark: Pilot

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My name is 8BitBlitz! This is my ACTUAL attempt at trying Flash.(Not like last time with the joke animation)
Yes, it is VERY basic-looking, but I assure you, I will try my hardest to improve. If you can give me good constructive critism, it will help out, ALOT.
I don't want to brag or make excuses, but I had Flash CS6 for a free 30 Day Trial. I had to rush and make some mistakes here and there, and yes, they are noticable. Anyways, I hope you at least get some entertainment out of this, and like I said,
Please give me some constructive critism!
Thank you!

PS I just watched this animation.

I am in pain right now, this is seriously terrible, lol, PLEASE HELP ME IMPROVE.

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The Tetris part really got me. LOL!

8bitblitz responds:

Thanks :3
Glad to entertain you!

It's weird and I love it! Your artstyle just got me, great job man.

8bitblitz responds:

Thanks for the support! I'm glad you liked it :3

i lkwsx ur story bud it wasd good bye

8bitblitz responds:


I had no clue what was going on, but it entertained me. Also, your animation skills are pretty fucking good. Mine are horrible compared to yours. Look at my animation and you will see why.You can atleast draw, and you have some color in there. I don't think your that bad. Keep making more and I think you will get alot better.
Good effort.

8bitblitz responds:

Thanks man. Don't down yourself! I'm pretty sure your animation is just on par with mine!

Also, thanks for the support! It really helps!

dont underestimate yourself, when i made my very first flash onto newgrounds i thought is was alright but looking at it now, im so surprised that it even got one star let alone two. this animation is cool and quite long which is great! i still havent made any cartoon over a minute long but im trying. its not really the best way to make a cartoon from a trial of cs6 for a month because honestly, you could try out many different techniques and try out your own style and take months to do which is what im trying to do at least. you've shown me courage you can show something you worked hard on and thats admirable. you have inspired me to put more work into my cartoons in the future. i really hope you read this because it is 100% true. you can inspire and entertain lots of people!!

8bitblitz responds:

Oh thanks!
I'm glad to help inspire you! I didn't think I would do that with this one cartoon!
And thanks for the help! It was greatly appreciated!

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Oct 5, 2013
6:59 PM EDT
Comedy - Original