Hiragana Learning Game

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Learn the characters of Hiragana by memorizing the symbols in a matching game. Hear how each character is pronounced when a match is made and see the romaji spelling shortly appear on screen.

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Nice game! I'm trying to learn both hiragana and katakana, so this game is a nice learning tool (as opposed to the others already out there which are memorizing flash cards) :D

nicktpog responds:

Thanks for the positive response :). I've finished learning hiragana so katakana will be my next game or I'll be updating this one to include both.

There should be more hiragana characters. Two As, two Is, one Es, one us, no Os. Hmmm.... Definitely more hiragana characters.

I found it useful for learning in a relaxed manner. It just needs a little more polishing - bigger hiragana blocks, may put some more backgrounds. The audio pronunciation was a nice surprise. As other commenter said, it would be amazing to have the character drawn showing the correct stroke order, though I understand that would be a lot of work for you to do for each character.

As the fan of Japan that I am, this was a pleasant surprise to see. At first I was a bit disappointed there were no instructions or explanations, but it turns out that once you get a match you get both a pronunciation and translation. The options to set amount of matches, tiles and backgrounds is pretty neat (through the backgrounds seem pretty randomly selected, a bit distracting, maybe fade them a bit or use less transparent elements for the layout? I'd also appreciate bigger blocks for the different matches, so you really get a good view of the characters. Maybe an option to have the character written out if you click on it again, after getting a match? So you also know how it is usually written, which lines come first, etc. Great initiative; I hope you do more with it!


Pretty cool man. This really helps you understand Hiragana. And the randomization on each new game you start up gives you more of a challenge on which one will match. I also like the fact that in the options menu, it gives you the chose on choosing a background so you don't have to stare at a white background all day and that they are all Japanese related. And that the options menu gives you more tiles to match. I must say man, you did a fine job. A fine job indeed. Keep it up.

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Oct 3, 2013
7:23 PM EDT
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