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The Gestation:The Demo

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Mouse Click - Shoot projectile.
Use mouse to aim.

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was this ever finished?

Hmmm lol the start i was like when it showed the 4 semen "oh no crack babies!! lol serousely and the game is really difficult i feel like maybe if it shot faster it would help ALOT the upgrade system is pretty cool im guessing each level you get new upgrade idk i only could make it to lvl 2 wwith 10 secs left im telling you this game is pretty damn difficult and why does it have to be black and white? that really dulled the game down for me i would be willing to try out the full version when its done but ill be honest if that shooting is not fixed i wont even try to pass the first level ill just quit

Pretty decent game if not a bit laggy.

Too bad the majority of the high scores are cheated, glitched, or (giving extreme benefit of the doubt) obtained on some earlier version of the game that allowed higher scores than this one does.

Score caps out at exactly 9,999 so any scores higher than that aren't legit. That's a full 16 out of 20 of the high scores being called into question.

Nice. The style reminds me of the Binding of Isaac. I usually suck at this kind of game, but this one was fairly easy and though I had a few close calls, I could achieve all medals in a single attempt.

Great game.Although it crashed for me at the end I still cant wait for the full instalment :)