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Valkor the Viking

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An overly dramatic story about an archetypal fantasy world ruined by your run-of-the-mill, overly dramatic, evil dragon spirit thingy. CAN HELHEIMERSCHMITZ BE SAVED BY SUCH PERILOUS EVILS?! STAY TUNED AND-no, they're all fucked.

This is the first entry of a possible series I want to work on with a friend of mine, and this whole project is the result of an 11 week long class project using everything that I currently know. Enjoy!

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I rarely give 5 you deserve it.

started making a plush kor toy it will be swell when it is finished...
maybe I make beardin, thundera and squidra too

keep up the story pls it is awesome. that viking would eat humpty dumpty for breakfast anyway.

thekillzar responds:

Wow, I'm honored! Thank you so much! I'm glad you really liked it! The next episode will introduce a few more characters, and with how these cartoons go, I'm hoping that it will evolve into a longer series with more enjoyable characters. It isn't easy, but it is satisfying as hell.

Also, when you get to finishing that plush toy, post pictures of it! I want to see it! Thanks for the review!

i really like the humour here, the animation is fluid and everything just works great :-)

I want to see Valkor in action. Seems like the type what would do some serious damage.
Liked the dragons smooth movements. Seemed like the first of it was done with a different program and flash started with the dragons hand moving but cant be certain. Anyhow I've watched this about 4 times already. Keep it up man.

thekillzar responds:

Yes sir! For the next episode, I'll have a lot more action than just story telling. I'm really glad you enjoyed it, it was a hard project to complete. For the first part, it was just images created in Photoshop and imported (as pieces) in Flash, to give it a motion painting effect (like if the painting came alive). I shall deliver on that promise and bring more action. Thanks for watching!

The scene where he grabs the kid, kinda reminds me the "Arrow to the knee" joke animation plus the words Bearden (the viking) say to kid.

thekillzar responds:

Yes, it's embarrassing. I'm thinking I'm going to change the description and credit psychicpebbles as inspiration because I watched his Arrow to the Knee short as a reference for that scene. I ended up borrowing too much from it to the point it can be classified as either an homage or a rip off. Also, the viking is named Valkor, but I don't blame you. Beardin and Valkor look very similar (gotta fix that). Thanks for watching!

Reminds me of Conan the Librarian !