Twizz'ed Firefarta

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No Jumping 5 Points

you can read. can you?

Ranger Badge 5 Points

met an elephant.

Fire Farta 10 Points

(twizz'ed fire farta)

Half A Starman 25 Points

1/2 of all stars collected.

Secret Elephant 50 Points

found and touched the secret elephant!

Garlic Mode 100 Points

Unlimited Gas!!1

Starman 100 Points

all stars collected.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

It's the Firefarta, Twizz'ed Firefarta!

Run, don't jump and use your natural resources instead... 'nuff said!

And remember: NO JUMPIN'


Well, there's only so much I can expect from a game who's main gimmick is farting. Especially considering this isn't even the first game to do this, and other games before with similar concepts have done it far more interestingly and enjoyable than this.

Gameplay wise it's very much basic. There is little to no actual challenge, and the only challenge the game gives is because of absolutely poor design choices. The fact that on hot sand levels you have barely any time to react to when the character gets too hot, and the fact that on falling elephant levels you'll often make the elephants fall in manners that no one would know their first playthrough is just awful. And let's not even get started on poor layouts like level 21, where the spikes will go all the way to the middle instead of leaving a clear space, meaning just slightly off timing means you're gonna die; or level 23 where the raising spikes in the one area make it so if you're just slightly off time, you're either going to get impaled by the itty-bitty tip top of the spikes, or be scorched to death by sand before you even know what's happening.

That's not the only bad design either. The fact you fall so damn slowly in the water is so incredibly annoying. I can understand maybe a little hindrance in speed, but this speed is so slow it feels more like jello. Yes I know that one level is designed in a way that it needs to be a bit slow to navigate, but that doesn't change the fact that there's water in other areas where the speed only adds tedium. If the water wasn't quite as slow, I wouldn't of minded so much.

And let's not forget the buttons that only accomplish to get you killed in levels. Yes, I get that in the Garlic mode they also make stars appear, but in that case would it of killed you to just make different level designs and not just have instant kill buttons on normal play?

Speaking about level design, I HATE how the Garlic mode has absolutely no change to the levels other than stars in random places. The levels are almost painfully easy in Garlic mode, with the sole exception of level 29 where the stupid torches make it so if you push space a millisecond too long, you're going into spikes. The fact you have constantly building gas doesn't add any sort of challenge except for in level 25, and even then it's only a challenge if you don't pay attention to the gas meter, just makes the game more dull.

Don't even get me started on how the up key is an instant death. Yes yes, I get that there's no jumping; would it of killed you just program it so the button only does that on the second level? The fact that the button kills you no matter what is frustrating, as I can recall a fair few times in the game where I accidentally pushed it while trying to navigate the more complicated sections.

The graphics are very boring. Sure, they look smooth, but they aren't at all appealing or fun to look at. I mean what even is the character supposed to be? A dorito/candy corn love child with a pompadour? And the fact that the levels are pretty much just stripes of color in terms of aesthetics just screams laziness.

The music is... there. It's not good, but it's there. In fact it's really awful and I really wish it wasn't there. The singing of the title is just obnoxious and the beat of it all just makes it sound like a poor man's salsa dubstep. Doesn't help that it's literally the only song the game has; where the hell is the variety man?

Sound is, well. It's farting that sounds more like you blew raspberries in a microphone. Basically it meets expectations, but the expectations weren't something you should be proud of meeting.

The game however works rather well. The controls aren't too bad, except for the stupid up arrow. However there are some times where the game will just sporadically start lagging and going so slow it'd put the water to shame. And I haven't got the foggiest clue what the hell even provokes the lag. Plus there was one occurrence where for some reason my character would not stop farting and going right; meaning I was constantly dying on spikes. Other than those hiccups, it's fairly solid.

Overall, it's a very uninspired game. Very dull design, very dull concept with little in regards of redeeming factors.

Da humour reminds of neverhood n skullmonkeys... AMAZIN GAEM

excellent game and challenging even with the garlic mode but i would only give u 4 stars because if u have wrote how many stars are there ion each stage we would know if we had missed one.

i mean i finished the game but i didnt find all stars so i dont know which stage have i missed as star, and that really annoys and upset me :(

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its just like dt com adventure which i m gonna upload but he kill enemy by it

we need more games like this and less like that social dysphoria bullshit

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3.95 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2013
10:03 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other