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The fourth trailer for MUSS Cause, an indipendent sci-fi horror movie project, signs the (almost) definitive passage to the second (final) generation models.

Published on YouTUBE on May 10/2013


One piece of Internet nostalgia please

Ciullo-Corporation responds:

I don't get the sense of your comment but I'm extremely glad you like this video!

This was interesting to say the least. Really reminded me of a quirky demo for a Playstation game. At least the sound and everything makes me think of that anyways.

The graphics were nice I think. They were in 3D which makes this neat. However, I noticed at one point, it seemed the lady falling was in a default 3D model position and had only had their arms moved up slightly to give the illusion of falling down.

Another thing is after the intro logos, the small dungeon maze part reminded me of the Windows 98 maze screensaver that would appear after the computer was inactive for so long. I noticed the patterns on the floor repeated theirselves often too. I think you could make the pattern tiles bigger so it looks less cut and pasted, would also make the floors look neater too.

The music itself seemed very simple. It made me think of demos for Playstation or Dreamcast games back when I used to enjoy playing those things when I was young. It went along with the graphics quite well. However, instead of the music used, I think a softer and more mellow song would have fit here instead.

I say this since the music playing seems like if would be more fitting if there was more action in this advertisement clip. Instead a softer sound, and no drums could have given a good atmosphere for this. It would have made me feel like I was interested in exploring what is being advertised when the movie comes out.

The voices at the end kind of ruined it for me. If the music had kept playing and the guy woke up gasping, it would have made it interesting, not the voices spoil what might happen in the movie... makes it seem interesting at least.

Overall, from what was shown here, not bad for a start with a 3D movie, but there is room for potential if you decide to go back and try to be even better with the graphics. Best of luck in getting the movie finished!

Review Request Club

Ciullo-Corporation responds:

Thank you... actually she was almost at T-position, you know, we had just finished the models and animation was still poor. And this also explains the "lack of action"... you could come on my homesite and check the second trailer (this is the fourth).

That dungeon exists since the very first MUSS Cause trailer back on january 2012, we worked hard since then (also trying to coordinate different things like work, university, etc.) and we procastinated the shipping date of the movie to when we had something really cool...

We though to end the trailer with a bit of humor, with MUSS Marine saying "Get out of my head" and the mind-reader answering "What's the problem, it's empty", but we didn't really acted as for a final version.

Hope you'll come to check when we will submit the Launch Trailer.

I wasn't entirely sure what I was watching in the beginning, and the description doesn't really help as it seems poorly translated, but I realized it was a trailer when the end came. It doesn't really stand as a good trailer though, cause I honestly couldn't tell what was going on in it, though I did get the gist of the story from what could be understood from the description.

It sounds like you have an interesting backstory here. It's a shame it didn't transfer to the actual video very well. Since there was barely any dialog and not much writing in the actual video (that I could see anyways) I can't really say much on the writing. The backstory is interesting though and I would watch the full movie when it's out.

The art and animation was all over the place. This is the first time I'm reviewing a 3D animation, so I'm not sure how good my critique will be. Overall it wasn't very fun to look at. The models were okay at best and a lot of the textures looked really poor. It also looked like the lighting should have been brighter, because sometimes I could barely make out what something was. Also the physics on the hair seemed really bad. I would try making the textures more high res if you're going for a realistic look, or do some cell shading on the models of you want it to look cartoony. Either of those two choices would make it look a lot better.

Finally, audio. The music didn't seem very fitting, in fact it didn't even sound that good. It just sounded like a clash of instruments that didn't produce a pleasing sound. I'm not really sure what kind of music would be more fitting, but I would recommend finding a composer here on newgrounds. There's lots of great musicians that would be willing to compose for you for free. The couple spoken lines that were present weren't handled very well. It didn't sound like the voice actors put a lot of emotion into the lines and the mic quality didn't really sound the best. I would recommend investing in a better mic; it really makes a difference. Though a better mic won't do much good if the voice actor doesn't put emotion into the line. There's plenty of voice acting tutorials out there if you're struggling with it. Or you could find voice actors here as well. Like musicians, there's lots of talented voice actors here that are willing to help.

Overall, this wasn't really anything I would consider re-watching. But it's just a trailer, it's not really supposed to be over-the-top amazing. Though it is supposed to catch the audience's attention, and it pretty much fails at that. The story does seem interesting though, so I will be coming back to see the full animation. There's a lot of room for improvement, and hopefully you take some of my advice into consideration. Good luck on your future projects.

[Review Request Club]

Ciullo-Corporation responds:

Thank you, but let me say this... this was the seventeen video we made with our original models, the fourth trailer of the movie (still without having set any background or full plot), the third video with complex animations, the first with second-gen models, no textures here, and hair simulating was at the first stage.

Weird, I though it was clear enought that this was a trailer... and for translation, I think I was clear saying "untranslated terms are for author choice". Anyway, I never see a trailer which say much about what's going on...

Lightings are as they was meant to be at the time... a underground maze on a dead planet usually doesn't look very bright, I suppose.
Audio was not actually made to be definitive, considering the entire movie will be around 1 or 2 hours long... music follow the scene succession and, although it's one of the first attempt to do a structured song, we feel it fit good enough... voice acting was made at-the-moment with a cheap plug-n-play mic (actually it is the maximum we can reach with our budget) or, as in the most following videos by us, with a synthetizer.

I won't deny we could use some help, as being self-taught in all fields of this work we need a bit more of practice, there's a lot of talented people here and I hope us to be considered part of them soon or late... but you'll understand that the amount of work that lies behind this project is far too much for a net based collaboration, expecially a free one.

I think the Launch Trailer (don't ask me when it will come out) will satisfy your advices :)

Very awesome story and computer graphics! looking forward to seeing the complete movie!!! Very good work! This should be an ongoing series!.

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Ciullo-Corporation responds:

Thank you... actually we planned it as the first of a trilogy, but for now it's better to make things step by step.

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Oct 1, 2013
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