Crypt of Masks

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Use the Arrow Keys to move, and Space Bar to pickup and drop Masks!

Explore the underground crypts to find the 8 Halloween Masks and place them on their correct statue inside the Crypt of Masks! Dodge enemies, avoid traps and escape from the Crypt before your torch runs out of fuel!

They say, that a Great Wizard with great power - hides deep within the Crypt, but that his secret chamber is well hidden. And that few have ever seen him...


No audio and the setup barely works.

DreadKnightLabz responds:

I added some 'scary' music, just for you. >=P

Needs better control. It couldnt hold my interest for long due to the really poor handling mechanism and the small corridors.

Not that easy to understand I mean that even when you go around the place you don't know where to go maybe if you had a bigger gap between the monsters and you put a Play and how to play then it could be easier to understand could do with a introduction of how you got there and what it is about cause getting fuel for a person is a ? mark because the guy is walking not driving, you could change that a bit to make it food instead, but if you see others just try and do a thing like theres and you can become very popular.


DreadKnightLabz responds:

The Fuel is for your torch... It does say that in the introduction... Also, it says to explore and that it is a maze / puzzle game... you have to search for and find the masks... The Monsters and traps are all passable, but often - timing is the key. Thanks for playing =]

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3.04 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2013
2:19 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle