In Memory of Humungus

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Lord Humungus was a legendary Piconjo veteran who found his way into The Star Syndicate in 2009 and quickly became a friend to all of us.

He hosted our old domain, and hung around our chat and forums, always ready with a one-liner about how big his shits were or how many hemorrhoids he had - to which we would often reply with the mantra "Good Ol' Mungus!".

Earlier this year, Mike "Lord Humungus" Mechill suffered from heart failure. Today he would have been 41.

I hope we made this collab gross and offensive enough that he would smile if he saw it. I think he would be proud.

Even though a piece of Newgrounds history has passed on, The Star Syndicate lives on and Piconjo will always <3 j00.





Additional Music:
Al Jolson - Goin' to Heaven on a Mule
Ass Ponys - Mr. Superlove (Humungus's self-proclaimed theme song)

Special Thanks:

1972 - 2013

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well thanks for using one of my songs(even if it was a poop joke), I dont really know who Humungus is but he seemed like a funny as hell guy who knew what good toilet humor is. So RIP dude.

Is it just me or you can spin the star on the loading screen by touching it with your pointer?

That was quite funny. I hope the simplistic style was part of the gag, rather than disrespectful.

I hope every Newgrounder who dies gets an appropriate tribute.

Na I haven't heard of this humungus person, its just someone who died eating too much from the looks of it. Still don't know how this got onto front page to be honest.
The idea might of been nice for those who knew him and understands this "humour" but in the end the effort put into this was still quite poor. I have seen gross humor before and to be honest I don't see much humour in this piece, I suppose it was put off by the animation.

R.I.P. dude, At least he is no longer suffering and is in a better place.