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Guide Reiuji Utsuho on her quest for... fusion, I guess, by BLOWING THE CRAP OUT OF EVERYTHING IN SIGHT
Everything you need to know is in the help menu, enjoy! Also post your scores, I wanna know how far you guys can get ^.^

--Utsuho sprites by Tasogare Frontier & Team Shanghai Alice (ZUN), ripped by DarkOverord & Random Talking Brush
--Enemy sprites by Goemar & Arima
--Yukkuris from the Touhou Wiki
--Font: Karmatic Arcade by Vic Fieger
--Music: MYO-REN Disco~霊夢くんはトランスしてしまった! by Get in the Ring

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Great game! Super Interesting Mechanic. My score was 20725

It truly is an entertaining game ^^, It's decent to.

Nice game! My high score was 18130 :B

blazeLimit responds:

Thanks! And oooh, nice score!

Nice shooting game! It kept me entertained for hours... Maybe adding levels to the game would make it more challenging... Different enemies for each level and each with some kind of boss... Also, can u pls make some cards that grants immunity or restores some of your life so that we will be able to make it farther in the game? Btw, I like Reiuji's design and the music was a pleasing touch too ! My high score was 27036 ^^

blazeLimit responds:

Woah woah woah, 27036!? Holy crap dude thats the highest score I've heard by a longshot so far O.o
Anyways, thanks for the suggestions, I am indeed working on some new cards and adding bosses, however I'm holding back on adding multiple levels for this update, that might take a while and I wanna get this out as soon as I can "^.^

Not bad, though there's a few bugs. First, even if you die, your score keeps increasing slowly. Also, don't know if it was just me, but sometimes I would try to grab a powerup card and it would just pass right by me.
That said, I did play it a fair number of times, and I do see myself going back to play it more. I can see it getting better once sounds and such are added to the game. Keep up the good work!

blazeLimit responds:

Thanks for letting me know about those glitches dude! I believe I have that score glitch fixed with the update coming up, and sometimes it may seem like the cards pass through you because of Utsuho's small hitbox, hopefully its not too bad because dodging bullets would be alot harder if I had to make her hitbox bigger "^.^