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Monster Town Defense

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Monster town is a resource management RTS game, where you build a town of monsters, developed technology through researches, build defenses equipment and monster troops to attack the opponent town to reclaim the glory of the monster.

Gameplay: Mouse
Navigate: WASD or Arrow Keys

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I *really* would like this alot more if I would know, for example, what "train" exactly does. Or what the research of "gold plus" did, except eating 10.000 gold without increasing my income. I know that there is at least one more game, so I guess it's useless complaining. I really admire such a good combination of civ-like and castle-versus-castle like gameplay- It's a good combination (and THANK GOD it is not a Multiplayer-pay-to-win-boring-and-padding-piece-of-applejuice). I'd really like to give you more than 3/5, but that I could only do if there wasn't so much confusion over such simple (and probably simple-to-explain) things like "what does this do?" If not a tooltip for everything, then atleast a help-manual or something.

It's fun anyway, which is why I don't rate worse.

Excellent, well developed game, with a decent amount of play time. a few things i dislike is that there's no documentation, i can not make the monbot, why i do not know, I research then it says cannot in this city, well my starting city says the same, I've taken 5 towns and none can make this. It may help out with how hard the towns are to take (just from rebels) Ive not encountered the humans yet so we will see, if i don't lose interest before then. overall excellent game on newgrounds! I've played for several hours now and im looking forward to future uploads

I have a tip for everybody:when you lose your pop. to 0 sell a house then build one again.

i expected more from this game, sadly it disappointed me in some ways. its hard, yes, complicated sometimes, but the tutorial really pissed me off - didnt you make a tutorial to explain how and why things work? this is just "build this, build that, sequentially build everything can be found in the build menue".
on the other hand i enjoyed playing it, and since there is so much potenial in this game i hope you take the communitys opinion serious and make an even more awesome game out of this :)

Hideous, to be perfectly honest. It isn't clear where gold comes from and even on the easy level, the enemies are grossly overpowered. There's no gradual difficulty ramp up, it's like from the get go you're a million stages behind every town that surrounds you. The tutorial is useless. It explains things that don't need explanation and fails to instruct on where mana comes from and how to go about beating enemies. Very poorly designed game.