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On the game screen located hole cards. Mouse click open image. Identical images disappear. The game ends when all cards are removed.


Somewhat too simple for me to enjoy that much...But, also, you didn't make any silly additions, as a number on this site have, so I'll give you a decent rating. Hopes for next time: Might want to give a few different cards, it would make the game a smidgen more lively. Along with that, a button to configure how many times you can miss a hard, or, one to entirely remove such a feature. However, the background was a subtly neat touch. Few people care to set something rather than white space.

If I'm gonna critique you on anything it's that there's no real challenge,so you can screw up so many times and not get punished for it,for example if you had a game of say like crossing cups and you messed up three times you would have to start from the beginning,so adding no real challenge makes this game pretty pointless since it defeats the purpose of a memory game such as this one to be honest

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2.70 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2013
12:27 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other