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Sliding Orc

rated 2.16 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Puzzle

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Sep 25, 2013 | 2:43 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Orc were collecting food for the winter to come. Help him collect all the meats while dodging all the obstacle and enemies along the way. Just make sure you're not run of time on collecting per level. Try to get all the meats as much as you can to get yourself the highest score possible.

Left Right Arrow = move
Up Arrow = jump
P = pause



Rated 1 / 5 stars

Bleh. Clunky, tedious, and bland. I'm not expecting anything groundbreaking but it isn't even fun. Here's what stood out to me:

1. Art wise it's mostly passable I guess. Won't win any awards but alright. However, those spikes are the biggest thing I would say work to on. The spikes simply looked bad. I don't know if you were trying to blend them in with the back ground or whatever. But they aren't very hard to see and just look plain bad. I'm also not really sure why the Orc has that big club because he never even seems to move his arms let alone use it. And not a single enemy to use it on. I guess the Orc is all alone in the woulds with no competition for his fried turkey legs. That part is a nit pick though.

2. The music is bland and quickly gets old. I would have preferred a more engaging tune on any level. This was just plain tedious on the third time through. Also, the main sound effect for the jump sounds like someone trying to make fart noises with their armpit. I appreciate the mute option, though.

3. The controls are clunky and anal. You have to be near perfect or it screws you up in some spots. I get that timing is part of a platform game, but timing is not something that is easy to do in your game with clunky controls while you are constantly sliding. But I'll get into that later. The main point for now is it often doesn't do what you want it to do when you want to do it. You could do well to make it more responsive. The controls also aren't fun or engaging, either. You have like no hang time when you jump. You also have very little ways to control the jump. Running starts (or walking as there is no run speed) makes no difference. Either you jump normal, or you press a back arrow giving you even shorter hang time and distance than usual, which wouldn't necessarily be all that bad if you had enough hang time to begin with. You can sort of move horizontally in the air as you fall, but you fall so fast that it rarely matters. Honestly, I would increase the fall time a bit to allow more maneuverability in the air. Let the jumps float a bit more. Not too much. Just a bit. And if we want less hang time let us press down to fall faster. That mechanic is pretty standard. I would also slightly increase the standard jump distance because it's a bit short. Don't forget to add ways for us to change the type of jump such as distance with a running start and what not.

4. Somewhat related to # 3, the sliding mechanic doesn't work for your game. It hurts it rather than help it. I get the winter and ice theme. I understand what you are trying to do. But your game's mechanics are too clunky to pull it off. The sliding is all or close to nothing yet constant. This could work in some games, but it doesn't work in yours at all because your game's physics are far too raw. All it does is add to the tedium and make the clunky controls feel worse. What's even worse than that is how you never get a break from sliding. Either you are sliding on ice and slow, or you are on a moving platform that wants to move you in a certain direction. Keeping your character still is pretty much not an option unless you slide into a wall or something. Would it kill you to add anything where you can stand still after you land on it? Even some of the best icy levels/games I have played have a few places here and there (somewhere in the game) where you can take a break from it every once in a while. Either work on refining this, or drop it altogether because it's currently a bad thing.

5. I hate your trampolines so much. It takes too long to build momentum from the ground. Shorten that so it takes less times to reach max height. Or at least let us do something like jump at the same time we land on it to jump higher than normal. It may have been level 6 where it first started with a trampoline. Omg. Every time you die you have to go through that crap first thing from the start of the level. It simply takes too long to get up the required height. Also, slightly increased hang time would make them a bit less anal to land on.

6. Your saw blades have invisible extra reach than the image would suggest. It's as they take up a square, and you can't touch the invisible box around the saw image. I say this because half the time I die on them and I'm not touching them. It feels rather cheaply done. I feel this ruined the challenges like on level 15, which might have actually been a really good one had you fixed this and allowed even slightly better control over the character.

7. The moving platform things. You jump towards the middle of bottom side of it, and then you somehow get warped on top of it. I thought it was a glitch at first, but no. It turned out that was actually supposed to happen. And what's worse is that you often wouldn't be able to reach them without that glitch like mechanic. It makes 0 sense mechanically. Either put them in reach normally, let us double jump, or at least come up with something better than that. It just reeks of lazy design. It's also extremely touchy (anal) like everything else. It's easy to miss the platform, and you can even be blocked on the side. If you don't hit it right from the middle of the bottom that means you fall and often times that means ugly looking spikes and death.

8. Why did an advertisement for LoL pop up toward the bottom as I was playing a level? Really? I died because it randomly appeared and covered the spikes with that so I couldn't see them. And then I had to x it out. Minus two stars for that. 1 because you force fed me LoL while I was trying to play your game. It becomes 2 stars for killing me with it. I hate that bs. Isn't that why we have adds before we play?


I can't say I liked it. It wasn't fun at all, and I only played as long ass I did for the review's sake. Otherwise, the first trampoline one (I think it was 6) would have ended it for me. Again, I found it was clunky, tedious, and bland. And again, work on the mechanics and maybe add better music and sound effects. Next time you make a platformer, keep in mind what I said. You would have gotten 4/10 or 2/5, but because of that mid game add I'm taking away two more stars. So it's 2/10 or 1/5.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Pretty dull really. And functionally identical to your previous three games, just with a different skin.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Simple game. But fun. Good job..too bad it doesnt have a difficulty setting to make it more challenging. All in all. Good for timewasting.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Decent game. Not really entertaining past the 3rd level. I really like the graphics and music. Good attempt


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ok ...
Super Mario had destroy innovation in 23 generation now ...
Super mario clone ...
And barely decent Graphic ..

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