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Office plankton: UPGRADE

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If the system administrator - moron, better stay away from him. About it in the office knows everything except boss. Why? Because in our office, the boss is still dumber than a sysadmin. In general, all like in the movies: Dumb & Dumber.

This is the fourteenth episode of the series.

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How Do I Undo A Vote? :(

So utterly random! And so utterly hilarious!


i cant believe that this is on newgrounds, this must be ON TV channel such as Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon...etc!!!!

this is really great, funny and short

At first, I missed the very British spoof of Windows, but then I snort-laughed when I realized it. In all, quite humorous. I am curious to check out the series.

I really do love this, especially the background music it suits the animation and art style perfectly! There is one problem though, the Boss doesnt seem to have the right "flow" (I cant seem to word it better) I am not sure how you can change that but it is just the way the Boss acts like at one point his caracter seems to be bossy and mean then he seems ignorant and scared, if that was what you where aiming for you should maybe you should change the scenario or somethign along those lines! Great Work! 5 STARS!