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That's not easy game. This game for real guys who like old style games. You can upgrade your ship, set more powerful weapon. Your mission is destroy all bosses. I hope you can do this. Good luck!

----- Updates -----
- Homing missiles are no longer target to the bullet.
- Shop bug fixed.


This is actually pretty addicting.

mediocre euroshump, just like every other flash shmup

levels take too long and you can't kill anything

why is it that no flash programmers know what makes a shmup fun

This is A Really Awesome game... Love the boss fights!

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I like the game, not so hard so i like because you can relax after a hard day of work. Like the 666 enemies

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This was a good game. It could have been great, but there were a few things holding it back. Most of them were minor, but there was one that really got to me, and it's probably the most important one: The final boss fight.

I understand, the concept of the final boss is meant to test all of the skills you've learned up to that point, and that it's supposed to be the final stepping stone between you and victory. But this final boss really cheapened the value of his own fight. For one, I don't think the approach should have been, 'Let's just give the final boss every ability that every other boss had and put them into one enemy.' I think the final boss should have been something unique, something different.

What I mean by 'cheapened his own value' was what happened during the level up to him, and then his final showdown. Going in with anything less than 7 lives is more than likely going to get you killed. If you dip lower than 6 lives at the absolute lowest, you're better off letting yourself die and restarting the entire level. The way the boss fights is extremely cheap. His missiles come at you and can hit you, even if you think your Lightning attack has blown it up. It happened to me quite a few times. You need to destroy the missiles yourself, or let them hit the wall and detonate to be sure that they're completely gone, sometimes.

But the biggest letdown for me was the tactics that the boss used, and the tactics I ended up having to use against him. Because he has every attack that the others had rolled into one, there was no way to really play aggressively at him. Doing so got me killed over and over again. Call me bad at the game, because I may be, but I just couldn't fight him even slightly aggressively. Being anywhere near him when he dropped down was instant death, even if you had full lives, because he pretty much drains them almost instantly. I had to lose a life just to get away from him, sometimes. The tactic that ultimately let me win was simply sitting in the bottom right corner and letting the missiles do the work for me, which took way longer than it should have.

To me, that isn't good design. I know that this is your game, and I'm sure that you're proud of the work you've put into it, and you should be, because this is a good game. But it's not a great game. It had all the makings of one, but that final boss is really what's holding it back. I'm not saying that you should take the game down, or feel bad about your work, I'm merely suggesting that, if you do make another game of this type in the future, make the final boss something different than 'let's put everything in this guy and see where it goes.' Because that's something a lot of people don't like to see.

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Nrjwolf responds:

Thank you very much for so full review! I do not think that last boos is so easy, but when i will develop next part, i'll make it more hard ;) If you touch boss you will die, i think it's normal for old style games.
Of course you may become my fan, it's very helpful.
Best regards, Alexander.

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Sep 24, 2013
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