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That's not easy game. This game for real guys who like old style games. You can upgrade your ship, set more powerful weapon. Your mission is destroy all bosses. I hope you can do this. Good luck!

----- Updates -----
- Homing missiles are no longer target to the bullet.
- Shop bug fixed.


This is a pretty great game! Love the retro feel and the minamalistic menu layout. Maybe add some
more creative sound effects or at least let us keep the crystals when you lose a level. Besides that I feel like you did a good job adding your own style to a nice classic genre.

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I think I got a bug. No matter what I do, at the end of a level I never have any crystals to upgrade with.

Fun game, but something like this can't be over looked.

I discovered a bug before I even started playing.

Your upgrade screen does not handle exact change well. I started with 1,000 crystals, I bought Magnet 3 and Lives 2. That leaves me with precisely 300 crystals, and the first bullet upgrade costs... 300 crystals. But when I hover over the upgrade button, it gives me a red number, and it will not let me purchase it.

You're using a check for "Greater than zero" to determine if someone has sufficient crystals to buy something. You want to check for "Greater than or Equal to zero", or "Greater than Negative One."

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Nrjwolf responds:

Thanks for your feedback, i fixed this. Enjoy ;)

Great job Nrjwold, I love the retro, 8-bit style of the game. Nice game man!

Nrjwolf responds:

Thanks, but Nrjwolf :D

"That's not an easy game.".. BULLSHIT. That's total BULLSHIT. The final boss is difficult as hell. That was terrible. It took me 11-12 tries to beat him.. It was a great game. I like the graphic style, And the upgrade system was nice. It had nice controls, But I found that when you turned your ship, though the animation of your ship was tilted, Your hit-box was the same. But, It was a stellar game.

Nrjwolf responds:

You can also use X for use bomb, that's easy way to beat boss.

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4.04 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2013
5:22 PM EDT
Action - Other