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September 24, 2013 –
January 13, 2019
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Ok so,i know i'm a little bit late,i was kinda busy these days,so i made this in a hurry.
I'm still a noob at animating so i would really appreciate constructive criticism.
Over 5 hours spent making this,over 2000 frames.
Enjoy and vote 5 XD!
It would be nice if you will put this in the MD2013 collection


5 stars just for the occasion :)

<deleted> responds:

thx :)

This could use a lot of work. You did all of this in a little under five hours? I felt a bit disappointed since "Happy Madness Day" was longer than the three shorts you had put together. While the music is great, it doesn't warrant having one static frame take up a lot of excess time and file space, sorry.

The shorts were alright but they seemed like bare skeleton stuff. As in just the bones of a project, but no meat or real time put into them.

The first short is a giant masked mook henchman killing a regular henchman. Second one is someone getting sniped, and the last one is two henchmen trying to kill Jesus and failing. I think they could have been a lot better if you spent a little time looking for gun sounds to add in (given this is Madness, I'm sure some people would have helped point you in the direction of some place like findsounds for gun sounds).

The lack of a background also makes me sad, nice to see you spent plenty of time animating, but adding in another layer and putting a background behind all these frames would have made this look much nicer for a finished project.

Overall, not too shabby but you can do much better.

<deleted> responds:

Now that's what i call a true review! ^^
Thx,i made this a while ago and tried to improve lately,hopefully this Madness Day i'll come up with something better.

dont do this again dud, horrible animation, too static and only a few seconds. the other 70% of the video are music...

<deleted> responds:

yeah i made this half a year ago and i know it's crappy :P
i kinda made this in a rush just to have something in the collection,but next time i'll submit something to the portal only if it's good.

Im so sorry.It was bad.So 3 star k.. ;l

<deleted> responds:

yeah yeah

good and lol N just bang bang bang

<deleted> responds:


i can tel you why is it bad you nead to improve your animating skills and it will be beater coze ppl flying randomli up thats just bad animating man

<deleted> responds:

yeah i know


<deleted> responds:

if this is crap why don't you make a better one :P


<deleted> responds:

k lol

it was short but it was also awesome!and a little funny too.

<deleted> responds:

Thx dude :D

this one is much more awsome than any other new guys madness stuff , GREAT job man!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks man! :D

isnt bad ist bad.... but where is the sanford? they are team with hank and deimos

<deleted> responds:

Well thanks,i had no time to put Sanford there,i was allready late for Madness Day.

Pffff... bad animated usseless crap.
Dont submit shiet on the portal and STOP KILLING THE MADNESS!!!11

<deleted> responds:


Great work man!! ;3

<deleted> responds:

Thanks :D

Well, this is pretty well done. I know you spent a lot of time on this. You really put the effort into it. Perhaps adding guns sounds would make it better too.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks bro :D

it was not too bad but you could add sounds like the saviour smashing the two agents together or the mag shooting the grunt.But here you go anyways.And I know how the 2000 frames came into play with the movie,the happy madness day helped :P

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the tips dude :D
Ill try to improve

HMMMM anyone else here the toilet flush when they started playing the movie?

<deleted> responds:

no but i heard your mom scream "oh yeah keep going!"

wow, 5 hours to make this rubbish? the extra minute of video wasn't necessary either

<deleted> responds:

how bout you try animating instead of talking sh*t?

It's a good start, but you need to speed things up a bit, and make the movement smoother! If you are using Flash to make this, try using motion tweens on specific character parts, like the feet, the hands/weapons, the body, the head - all separately, that's how most people get a smooth flow of animation. FBF (Frame by Frame) is fine, but it'll take a looooot more work to make something fluent without tweens. Another thing that would really improve this = sound effects! Graphics/music are good though, just keep working!


<deleted> responds:

This is what i call a true review! :D
Thanks man,i'll keep trying,you gave me some great tips :)

The "Happy Madness day" goes on waaaaaaaaay too long. Maybe aim for good pacing instead of excess frames. Not too bad, but, backgrounds'd really help out.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the tips

Criticism says: "Why is there no sound!" If you need help with sound, PM me.
Other than that, needs some backgrounds and a faster play. And don't screw up the length, I hate watching one thing for a whole minute.

<deleted> responds:

Ok,i know how to work with sounds,but i dont have any sound sheet :|

coool bro

<deleted> responds:

thx bro


<deleted> responds:


haha nice work man :D

<deleted> responds:

thx bro :D


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