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And see your end!

Animation: Me

Casting Director: Trish "Monotori" Ferrete

Voices: Tomoyo (Mom), Aziro Fusima (Girl)

Many thanks to Tom Bancroft for letting me use his expression sheet!

Edits: Hey people! I know this is short (really short), but please, it is an experiment! Oh well, you are free to rate whatever you like...

And a question to you viewers! Would you mind if it were black and white?

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How come you aren't making any videos anymore? D:

That was just... good.... I can't really describe it. It was very, erm, real. Yes, that's it, very real!
Jokes apart, that was a very good piece of animation, too short though! =P
Yours sincerely, a very bored composer looking for work.

JaceC responds:

You are too kind! I have something longer in the making, it's a quite similar.

Good voice acting, excellent animation and art style, and the music fit. I like the use of colors, I don't think I'd like it as much in black and white. This is REALLY short, even by "short" standards. But it's experimental, I get it. I look forward to some more substantial content along these lines.

JaceC responds:

I do apologise for the really short short.

Thank for you for those kind words and actually taking the time to give this a shot. And reviewing! Something longer than this is in the making, but it was going to be black and white. We'll see how it goes and perhaps colours would be done. Tedious, but if the audience prefers it, who am I to argue?

Thanks again, and have a great day!

I do this so much.

JaceC responds:

Thank you for watching!

Fantastic work. I feel like on 'Darling' that the hair gets pushed up a little too far, otherwise, really nice piece. Well done.

JaceC responds:

Thank you very much for your feedback! I still need to work my skills...