Signum Project

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Signum Project is a simple puzzle game where you need to align the circles and their trajectories with the stars.

I made this game a while ago and wanted to invest some more time making it better, but it was just getting dust because I don't have much spare time lately. So I decided to launch it as it is with 31 levels. Can you beat them?


Nice work on this

So worth my time! I love the music and the idea. I always liked geometry

Always, no matter what, disliked puzzle games, except connecting types such as these. Nonetheless, in that case, well.. I didn't find this quite interesting enough to complete. Now, it's a fun game, and such. Just not one that I would play frequently, or in one sitting. My gripe, is that so far there's only been one differing increase of difficulty. Causing the orbs to interfere with another line of orbs, to the point of triples or quads. If someone happens to like puzzle games, I suppose this would be for them. Good work..But the music is very, very unfittingly creepy. Those gasps, oh those gasps...

Are you planning on releasing an update for the game?

Eder responds:

I released it to have some feedback, if it gets some more attention and good rates I might work on more levels or a sequel.

It's seems to be very easy, I'd never played a game that changes difficulty that slowly, It's very useful for the game and it makes it challenging

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3.85 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2013
3:57 AM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding