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Street Talkin'

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This is an idea we had floating around in our heads ever since we got our hands on a Street Fighter SFX CD. It's stupid... but it made us laugh.

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Ahaha this is amazing!
Love it! XD

For those who want a translation, here it is. Note that what's written in brackets( the "[" AND "]" symbols) is the Japanese pronunciation:

P1: Wave Motion Fist [Hadouken]
P2: Are you trying to test my fist?
P1: Don't underestimate me
P2: Receive my knockdown
P1: I'll receive at ease
P2: come at me!
P1: That's easy
P2: Come and take it!
P1: This is my strongest Dragon attack
P2: Tornado Whirlwind Kick [Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku]
P1: I'll show you how legendary I am
P2: Synchronizing
P1: Alright!
P2: Blue Dragon Fist [SouRyuuKen]
P1: I did it!
P2: You're right, she did leave me because of a drink

mukpuddy responds:

Amazing!!! Thanks so much for doing this :)

I enjoyed this haha! The way his voice suddenly changes is priceless!
For those asking for sbutitles, the whole joke is that you don't know what they're saying until his voice completely changes :L

For those who did not get it he's refering to "Street" Fighter...a Japanese fighting game... ._.

Lol that was awesome! :D