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Madness Customization

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Sep 23, 2013 | 1:32 AM EDT

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Author Comments

The Newgrounds Moderation Team sent to me a PM talking about people posting links in their reviews and other people posting pics on the Art Portal of their characters and creations made with my game, and both things are against the rules. So I want to ask, please don't post links on your reviews and don't publish your creations on the Art Portal, these guys do their best to keep the site clean, and we need to show respect not just to them but to the site rules too.
Enjoy :)

My first game, please vote high!
This is a Madness Combat character creator game full of pieces to you build your character or even yourself, made specially for people that don't know how to make good characters, but made too for who know but wanna play just for fun ;D.
I hope you enjoy this!
And please, put this in Madness Day 2013!
PS: There are Special Casts ;)
PPS: All animations were made from scratch, none of them were copied.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name: Nodium/Nickname: Techod

Clothes: 1337 Tuxedo, Soldat Vest, Black/white shoes, Iron Slab Face/Headphones,Bandana and Bandages.

Weapons: Sledgehammer,Laser eyes
Enemies: Tricky (the immortal clown >:/), Jesus or Jebus (HE STOLE MAH HALO!!!)
Allies: Sanford,Deimos,Hank (perfect team)

Story: Nodium, Or Techod, Was a Special Grunt, No one knew he was a enginner.
After killed by Tricky, He got injected and got bandages, After being rejected by Jesus on getting his halo, Techod became Trained by Enginners and soldats, After It got out of control, he escaped. He later got flashed by lighting and became more Powerful, He met Deimos,Sanford,And Hank.
They became friends but went to separate missions. To this day, Techod is on his killing spree.

1999Elias responds:

Nice character, the story is simple but is good anyways.
Thanks for playing and rating.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nickname: Prototype 5

Clothes: Black Tuxedo, Black Shoes, Bandana (on face)

Weapons: Baseball bat (left hand), Desert Eagle (right hand)

Allies: Nobody

Enemies: Everyone

Story: Born in a Laborator- wait, wait, wait. No, he was MADE in a Laboratory, which explained his high IQ and a urge to kill everyone. Prototype 5 was made by unknown Scientists, that wanted to dominate the World by creating clones off Prototypes, the plan failed after they mixed some Chemicals with Cyanide and created Prototype 5, he was INCREDIBLY powerful and had Telekenetic powers, but his weakness was a Teddy Bear. Yes, a Teddy Bear, quite hilarious for a Prototype with an badass backstory, right? Due to his high IQ, he was smart enough to create his own Laboratory, which failed quickly because of his urge of kill everyone. Did i also say that he Rages when shot? Yeah, he goes on a bloody rampage pretty much killing everyone and everything in his path, but it fails because of his fear of Teddy Bears. To this day, hes still killing people, throwing people around with Telekenisis and having a big phobia of Teddy Bears.

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1999Elias responds:

Cool character, thanks for playing and rating my game.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

this game not working

1999Elias responds:

What exactly isn't working?
If the screen is totally black, then it's your flash player that isn't working.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Name (self-given): Terrin

Gender: Male

Occupation: Ex-ATP Soldat, frontline fighter against the AAHW

Weapons: The last assault rifle (don't know name) and Megachete

Outfit: ATP Soldat eyepiece, Hank's jacket (closed), bandanna covering mouth

Backstory: Hank's raid on the Soldat factory stopped most Soldats from ever fighting, but a handful with enough human rebellion in them broke away while the battle ensued. Quickly realizing that the eyepieces were welded to their faces they set out, hoping to find shelter in the harsh Nevada desert. After a few days, only Terrin was left, the others having perished during the journey. At last, Terrin reached the main base of operations for Hank and his crew. He wasn't welcomed with open arms, and the main defenders immediately opened fire. The first thing he did when he saw the guns was duck behind a nearby rock. It startled Terrin how fluently he did it, as if he was used to being shot at, even though he'd never fought (later, he found out that the combat initiative had been programmed into him before the raid). Fortunately, he was able to talk some sense into the militia, and ultimately joined them.

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1999Elias responds:

Nice character and story, thanks for playing and rating :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

GG m8, is good. Just wish it was possible to change size, but that doesn't really matter. This is the end to a pointless review. I'd clap but it wouldn't make a difference.

1999Elias responds:

hahah thanks for the nice comment, I wanted to add a feature to augment the character, but since I couldn't add enemies, it was a little pointless.