The Dark Sea

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An Author can't find his sleep...something is keeping
him awake....is it a monster?A prank or his bad feelings?

It is a short Art Movie I animated the last month

Based on a terrible nightmare...but i added some drama :D


The sound could use some work, but the animation was simply fantastic, strange in all the right ways. I'd really like to see a minecraft texture pack done like this, for whatever reason.

Very nice! I had an unsetteling feeling through out the video, and also the echoey voices went well with the nightmare like setting.

I liked this, how much of it was the drama and how much of it was your actual nightmare?

VlikeVince responds:

It was all in the nightmare...except the funeral and the story with the brother

Getting inspired by a nightmare is a great old-fashioned way to get an idea, many others (from Poe till King) had the same motivation for their work.

However, I'm not sure if everyone on NG likes your sketchy BW drawings & has the patience to watch your movie. Personally, I hope they will do so!
The art style fits just well for a nightmare, and the sound effects add a lot to the atmosphere, just the reverberations in the voices tend to annoy a little.

The story arc leave us many ways to interpret it. My guess: The father killed himself 'cause he his wife was cheating on him. The protagonist couldn't forgive the father (since he had to grow up without a dad) nor the mom (since it was her fault, that's why he didn't care to look for her).
Sadly, that's why he also lost the love & respect of his brother in the end...

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Echoing voices made this hard to understand. You should have added subtitles. It was still okay.

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VlikeVince responds:

Thx for the feedback mate!
I will work harder on the voices next time :)

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4.11 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2013
12:00 PM EDT