September 22, 2013 –
July 15, 2014
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Happy Madness Day, Guys!!


lol whi u added phobos from Mpn

Блин,чувак,советую делать хорошие анимации,а то как говно в толчке,вот детализация хорошая,но не хватает эпичных сражений,прости,но ноль ставлю


This animation suck !

Great skills!!!

Not bad. Still nice.

Все-же ты анимируешь намного лучше, чем есть тут.

Wao this just like original fashion fighting and a small Phobos?

Damn... your skills are much better! Great work!

cood movie cood
omg movie

wai u made phobes so weak!? he should be the finial boss, and abominations and zombie is weak as hak, they should of put up a better fight

5 stars and if you made episodes that means it has to be longer people will higher the rating more good comments from me more 5 stars man from me Nice vid :D And HAPPY MADNESS DAY :D

Fucking pitiful.

Good video, but Phobos isn't so easy to kill. Phobos is the guy who has bandages covering his mouth. He also has bi-techs. The main character killed him so easily. And the video could be bigger.

meh.. you did good. ill give you 3 stars

...thats all?...and the incident?...sory but...ANY STARS TO YOU!!

not bad

not bad 3.5/5 star

Nicely done!


lol phobos

bueno pero esta lento y falta mas efectos

You have alot of potential, If you improve again and again and again, you gonna do animation like delamortes

Not bad not bad. Happy madness day!

SO awesome and....HAPPY MADNESS DAY to you too :D

Awesome!LOVED THE ZOMBIES AND ABOMINATIONS!But they died too fast.

he s not dogeing the bullets there missing a standing still target adn 12 inches its slow the bad guys jus stand there and let him kill him this is not well donne the madness fans should at least judge things correctly instead of jus give 5 stars to everything this was a bad try at a great series

The most awesome madness day EVER@!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT


Too short . but its awesome

Dude, it really was awesome.

Not bad, Frol!
Its short, but really good!
12 from 10!

Short but not bad, like the unexpected way he dealed with the second A.T.P. pair.

its from a game project nexus good animation but too short

This is too short and animation must better but keep going i see you have talent to animation.

It seemed a little slow paced but otherwise it was great.

It's good, but the animation is kinda slow and drags this on more than it should.

long and epic! 5 stars, bro


great animation and i think you can only get better :D
5 stars

>not bad
>but some moments
>may be better
>happy md13 [:D]

Freaking badass dude nice work!! ^^

Uhh, the animation is kidna mediocre, and does not deserve a "incident" title, not realistic and really slow action, sorry :(

happy madnessday

Cool :D

Okay... I loved that you used weapons and characters from Madness Project Nexus, however the animation was a bit short and slow... the way the objects were place wasn't always right... and you didn't put in the bullets trajectory neither the holes where they hit... For an initial video it is decent but I will expect more...


Some moments like picking a weapon up, bullet lines, bullet shells, long pauses could had been refined better. The animation of ATPs was incredibly well done. The part with the barricade was sort of weird, it was really hard to understand how the protagonist is hiding behind the barricade.
This is very good.

Awesome dude!!! :DDD

great job!!!


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