Pop! Pop! Pop!

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First Picture 5 Points

Uncovered a picture for the first time

First Pop 5 Points

Poped your first balloon to uncover a picture

Peeping Tom 10 Points

Seen all pictures.

Sniper 10 Points

Uncovered last picture with 100% accuracy.

Pictures Collector 25 Points

Uncovered all pictures

Master Sniper 50 Points

Uncovered all pictures with 100% accuracy.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

This is a simple game with a simple premise, you have to pop all the balloons to see picture behind them. Once you have cleared a stage with an accuracy over 75%, the picture will be unlocked and available to be seen on the gallery.


Version. 1.3

- Auto Save Feature. You can continue later or you can get back to see the gallery again.
- Bonus Pictures if you get 100% on bonus labeled levels.
- Minor Level Tweaks.
- Balanced levels.
- More levels & more pictures!

Version. 1.2

+ Improved Pop Algorithm.
+ More Challenges Types.
+ Level Select Screen.
+ More levels.

There are more improvements scheduled for next version.

Version. 1.1

+ Added 2 more levels.
+ Added time limit.
+ Balloons have different colors (not only red).
+ Added unlock animation (now you can see the image unlocked right on place or later on gallery)
+ Added retry level if you lose or fail.
+ Balloons move 20% more.

Remember, if a balloon ever got the chance, he'd pop you and everyone you love, so don't go easy on them.

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Simple game, simple premise, easy to play. Especially easy if you have a touchscreen. XD

I loved that game.. needed about 45 minutes to get through... the last round got me about 5 minutes and 1.000.000 attempts :D

4, 8, 10 bonus, 19, 20 bonus, 30, 30 bonus were my favorites. Great game :D

This game is easy to play with one hand

awesome game . the porn wasn't even the highlight of the game. i found myself so concentrated on the balloons that it didn't even matter. Also when i got master sniper and unlocked all the photos the metal was still locked . can you fix that please?