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Pop! Pop! Pop!

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This is a simple game with a simple premise, you have to pop all the balloons to see picture behind them. Once you have cleared a stage with an accuracy over 75%, the picture will be unlocked and available to be seen on the gallery.


Version. 1.3

- Auto Save Feature. You can continue later or you can get back to see the gallery again.
- Bonus Pictures if you get 100% on bonus labeled levels.
- Minor Level Tweaks.
- Balanced levels.
- More levels & more pictures!

Version. 1.2

+ Improved Pop Algorithm.
+ More Challenges Types.
+ Level Select Screen.
+ More levels.

There are more improvements scheduled for next version.

Version. 1.1

+ Added 2 more levels.
+ Added time limit.
+ Balloons have different colors (not only red).
+ Added unlock animation (now you can see the image unlocked right on place or later on gallery)
+ Added retry level if you lose or fail.
+ Balloons move 20% more.

Remember, if a balloon ever got the chance, he'd pop you and everyone you love, so don't go easy on them.

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Surprisingly addictive XD

I gotta say I am kind of impressed at how good my accuracy is. Maybe it's because my reward is. Well. Hentai. This was a fun game, but I just wish that the achievements worked. GG, and thanks for the hentai.


It's surprising how addictive this is!

Hardest game I have ever played in my life.

Notes: I put a TL;DR summary at the end since this is very long (much like a real review!) But I recommend that you (the author) read the whole thing. It takes ALL reviews before this one and your responses to them into consideration. Sections marked with asterisks* are unique to or for experiences on a laptop with a touch pad.

Great game. Regarding what you said to SaucedVineFan100, it's interesting you say you don't believe porn makes things better, and that you just did it to get reviews and improve the game faster. Because to me this is a great mix of stuff you have here, even the music. Not only do I think it makes games or at least their appeal better (and many other people seem to think so too judging by the amount of views this has vs the SFW version), but I also think it goes well with balloons and popping. You might be surprised how big of a thing porn with balloons is. Anyway I know this game hasn't been updated in awhile (man do I wish I found this game back when you were more active), but on the bright side I was able to really put it to the test and see how it holds up after all this time (5+ years). Maybe one day you'll see this and update it again. Don't get me wrong I think it's a great game and wouldn't have written such a long review otherwise, but I have some suggestions or tweaks that I feel could really improve the game.

-Please fix or balance anything that you did for the SFW version, like adding 4 seconds to level 15 and subtracting 2 balloons from it (I think all the fast balloons with the relatively low time limit is what makes it hard). You said in response to someone that the SFW version is more stable too. Both versions should function identically, or if anything the SFW version should be harder than the NSFW version.

-Possible Bug: You say the save game of the SFW version is compatible with the save of this NSFW version, but I can't get it to work either way. It's not that I don't have cookies enabled, as the NSFW save does work fine with this NSFW version (and the SFW save works fine with the SFW version). Is the NSFW save supposed to be compatible with the SFW version too (both ways)? Would be nice.

-Double Click Issue (but maybe not bug): Occasionally a double click happens when I mean to only click once, which makes me miss while also popping a balloon, or pop 2 of them. Silver-wolf123 mentioned the same issue, but it might not be a bug, rather an accidental twitch of the fingers in which the mouse button can get barely released and then pressed again (made worse depending on how sensitive the mouse is). Don't know if there's anything you can do about that, but later in this review I made a suggestion that would lessen the impact of it. It can be annoying when trying for 100% accuracy.

-Bonus Pictures: Kev33Lar has a point about the bonus pictures; they don't appear in front of you when you complete the appropriate levels with 100% accuracy, and they aren't listed clearly in the gallery either. I eventually found out that in the gallery, on pictures that have a bonus picture (every 5), if you've unlocked the bonus picture you can click on the word "bonus" that appears in the bottom right corner to see the bonus picture, but this seems to be the only way to see them. This isn't explained or very obvious to someone who doesn't know that. It should be mentioned how to see them in the game's description or somewhere in the game.

-Add a little time to levels 28 and 30 (and/or shorten level 28's fading): One of the main things I'd change and here's why: Level 30 has the least time of any level and requires popping the most balloons in that time. Even if 1 second was added, it'd STILL require popping the most balloons in that time. I mean 14 seconds to pop 58 balloons!? That comes out to over 4 balloons per second, with no missed clicks for 100% accuracy. Level 28 isn't that far off with 15 seconds to pop 54, but what makes it hard is that it has moving and LONG fading balloons in addition to that. These levels are more than just a "bit challenging" (your words in response to PyroStormer about adding time limits). Even level 15 which many people complained about isn't as hard, and you added 4 whole seconds to it (in the SFW version), but not even 1 or 2 seconds to these levels. Even though they're late levels and still possible, I think they're a bit too hard. Adding literally 1 second to level 30 would help immensely with getting 100% accuracy on it. I've run out of time with 1 to 3 balloons left quite a few times when trying for 100% accuracy on it, and also completed it with missing only 1 to 3 clicks quite a few times (which is at least 95% accuracy). As for level 28, adding 1 or 2 seconds would help a lot there too, especially for that last balloon or few to fade back in and to click them in time. That and/or don't have them fade for so long. Many times I've seen balloons not fade back in until a second or two after time expires. I know you can click them when they've faded out, but I'm talking about not even being aware of them! It's hard enough just to pop everything fast enough without missing on that level; you shouldn't have to memorize the last several balloons too. Since these levels were added in the last numbered update and not as many people may have played long enough to reach and comment about them, it's not too surprising that they aren't balanced as well as the others. But SaucedVineFan100 and Kev33Lar did and they definitely have a point about these levels. Unfortunately the former blasted the game and as for the latter it wasn't his primary complaint, so you may not have taken it that seriously. So I'm bringing this into light. Basically these levels are the new level 15 situation.

-Decrease accuracy requirements for bonus pictures: The other main thing I'd change. While certainly not all levels are tough to get 100% on, it was definitely frustrating on some levels. The double click issue is partially to blame, but in particular level 15 and some levels in the 20s were kind of tough, and especially levels 28 and 30 (your skills are not "lousy" if you can get 100% on those levels, assuming your computer doesn't count the seconds slower than real seconds). I did manage it eventually, but still. I understand that back when you first made the game people were saying it was too easy, but I also saw people later complaining about some stuff getting too hard and that you made it easier. Contrary to what PyroStormer said I also think it's better for porn games to lean more on the side of a casual/easy game anyway (not hardcore), because the main point isn't for a brutal challenge, it's for erotic pleasure. 100% accuracy is more of a hardcore thing that doesn't need incentive beyond maybe an achievement. Hardcore players will try for it just for the achievement or even for their own challenge. While the bonus pictures should still be harder to get than the regular ones, I'd decrease the accuracy requirements to something more reasonable and forgiving, like EcchiKitty's suggestion. 90% may be too low but at least to 95% (but maybe not the Sniper medals). This would also help reduce the impact of the double click issue.

*I also want to reveal my experience with the game when playing on my laptop with a touch pad, to provide insight on such an experience and if you're interested, my suggestion on what could be done about it. Although I had some close calls and pressure in beating some of the first 14 levels in time, level 15 was when I first really started having problems. After several tries, I was able to pop all the balloons but with an accuracy well below the 75% required to unlock the base picture. Thankfully you can move on as long as you pop all the balloons. Level 20 I actually found HARDER than 15 in terms of being able to click all the balloons in time. At first what I ended up having to do was use both hands on the touch pad, one to click and the other to move the on-screen mouse. This still took a few tries, and again with an accuracy well below the 75% required to unlock the base picture. Same for levels higher than 20. I did eventually manage to unlock the base pictures on most of these levels, but usually while using both hands. After much practice though, I managed to get 100% on level 15 as well as some levels in the 20s with just one hand, but this was very hard.

*Level 29 I might have been able to unlock the picture EXCEPT that the amount of balloons bobbing randomly made my laptop really laggy, to the point where the game was freezing up and then registering many missed clicks well after I had already clicked. Time is still counted during lag too of course. Some other levels lagged too, but usually not nearly as bad as level 29 and I didn't have to pop as many balloons to get back to a more reasonable speed. Level 24 has just as many balloons as level 29 and lagged a lot too, but not quite as bad and I was somehow able to do it once. Probably because the balloons aren't as spread out and move in the same 2 directions rather than bob randomly. Gdrocker definitely has a point about some levels on this game demanding a lot of processing power though. When playing these levels on my desktop computer, they did slow down a bit but not nearly as much. It could help to have the balloons stay completely still on level 29.

*So while every level is beatable with a touch pad, it's tough and getting 75% accuracy on them is much tougher. 100% accuracy is pretty much out of the question. So you may suggest to simply play the game with a proper mouse or touch screen (and maybe a better computer, but I do think my laptop is pretty good). But I do think it's better for a game to be playable and balanced around whatever type of mouse you use (and better yet for computers that don't have so much processing/graphic speed too). So then you might say that the game would have to be made much easier and/or that it would be too easy for proper mouse or touch screen users.

*Well, that's where a separate mode (touch pad/lite computer mode) would come in handy, in which it could be properly balanced for those types of computers. In this mode the number of balloons on each level should be decreased and maybe the accuracy requirements too. As for people who might be inclined to play on this easier mode despite having a proper mouse or touch screen, well you could still restrict unlocking the Sniper medals to the normal game mode, but otherwise I think that'd be fine. It's their experience and they should be free to do that if they want. I know it would be a lot of extra work to do this just for those types of computers, but it's food for thought.

-TL;DR Summary: Please fix or balance anything that you did for the SFW version, like adding 4 seconds to level 15 and subtracting 2 balloons from it. Both versions should function identically, or if anything the SFW version should be harder than the NSFW version. Also the save game compatibility between these versions may be bugged as I can't get them to work (only to their specific versions). Bonus pictures don't appear in front of you after beating an appropriate level with 100% accuracy and it's not that obvious how to see them, so it should be mentioned how to see them in the game's description or somewhere in the game. Add at least 1 or 2 seconds to levels 28 and 30 (and/or shorten level 28's fading), they aren't balanced as well as the other levels. Also 100% accuracy is more of a hardcore thing that doesn't need incentive beyond maybe an achievement, and the double click issue, though maybe not a bug can still be annoying when trying for 100%. So decrease the accuracy requirements for the bonus pictures to something more reasonable like 95% or 90% (but maybe not the Sniper medals). Lastly it's very hard to play this game with a touch pad, especially to get all the 75% accuracy requirements (pretty much forget about 100%). Some levels lag a lot on lower quality computers too, especially level 29. It could help to have the balloons stay completely still on level 29. But also a touch pad/lite computer mode could be added in which there are less balloons and maybe easier accuracy requirements. But you could make it so the Sniper medals can't be unlocked in this mode.