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Nuclear End 2

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Nuclear End 2 is the fleshed out super sequel to Nuclear End, begin your campaign by choosing from 20 different missile technologies that can help you completely annihilate the cities you come across.

Use the Arrow Keys to control your nuclear missile and guide it into the densest part of the city, try to get the highest score using a barrage of 2 missiles on each city, every city is randomly generated in every aspect and upgrades influence everything about your missile as you climb the ranks and increase your total damage done to the world and try to level 100% of cities in one swift blast.

Will you be the nuclear master as you erase cities from existence with a single blow?

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My biggest complaint is that sometimes the game registers a SAM hit, but the SAM goes through my missile.

Surprisingly relaxing.

It should have a saving feature. Losing my hard work is just ridiculous.

Me likey...

The upsides:
Concept - Oddly enough, for all the apocalyptic games we tend to see here on NG (or in the gaming industry, for that matter) don't usually have much dealings with nukes themselves. This is an interesting concept to try for, and oddly, it works.

Progression - I love the diversity of the starting bonuses, although some are a waste of effort. I do like that you have to deal damage to unlock different starting bonuses instead of trying to reach unspoken demands to use them. This isn't a perfect point, however; see below.

The downsides:
Progression - By my experience, the MIRV and Project Thor starting bonuses are more akin to penalties, which is disappointing, almost to the point of insult. While MIRV could be recovered to a serviceable degree, Thor has little of anything; the promised damage improvement is practically non-existent, and that makes makes trying to watch it play itself immeasurably worse. I could have been alright with it if it would at least land marginally center of town, but it does not, and in either case, SAM destroys it long before effective range 98% of the time after the 7th city or so.

Scale - This should have worked wonders for the game, but it works against the experience after the nuke starts to pass sizes above 2000. At this point, you aren't allowed to zoom in far enough to clearly see the city, let alone the incoming SAM. Even if you could, the Nuke's speed doesn't scale to their size, and there comes a point when evading SAM is impossible because of this.

It was still quite fun playing dominoes with the skyscrapers in the end. Gib moar.

Great game! Suggestion though, try to make it so that on things like last nuke or Tsar, to include the radiation, cause it's really annoying having all that damage wasted.

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3.74 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2013
11:45 PM EDT