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Socrates Jones: Pro Philo

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Author Comments

NONSENSE! After an unfortunate incident, Socrates Jones must debate a host of philosophers in order to win back his life. More than slightly inspired by the Ace Attorney series.

Authors note: This is for real this time, by the actual creators! The person who was pretending to be us didn't even upload the most recent version. That's just lazy game theft, that is.


Simply Brilliant

This is quite possibly the best game i have ever had the honor of playing on newgrounds. It sets a godly high standard for how games should be made with the mechanics of the game being as simple as 123 with characters that are funny and likable from the start even with the simplicity of them. I feel like i definently learned a lot from this game about my own feelings on philosophy and about some incredible philosophers and their theories. Thank you for this game it was a great distraction from porn(lol seriously) i loved every minute of it and i wish you good fortune and riches in your future.

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I feel like I accomplished something with this game. When I beat it, it felt like I earned it. I will elaborate further on why this has occurred, but the sheer fact that it happened is a very good sign that you have made a great game.

First off as a writer (or I call myself that, at least) I appreciate your ability to bring out character traits. This should have been harder for Socrates and Ari as people in dire situations tend to act in black in white but somehow you were able to give character to them is amazing, at least to me.

I'm not going to credit you for "creating" all these points and counter-points because I could just find this stuff on the web instead of thinking about it myself (though if you did do that, DAMN) but the ability to adapt it into the general storyline is a nice trait that should be noted.

The game also got me thinking about my choices rather than blindly choosing them. Though I regret not insulting people's faces the payoff was that I really thought about things and played into the game. I felt at times lost and frustrated but usually my instinct to use the amended piece of the argument, question everything and to use the most recent statements (unless they have already been used). At other times I actually was able to figure out flaws in arguments, and it makes me feel good and not stoopid.

There really isn't much to the game apart from writing so there isn't much else I can praise. Someone could like the humor but for me it was hit and miss and there were times I knew the counterpoint but I couldn't figure out which statement to use. I liked the use of NONSENSE! as a verbal and visual confirmation you picked the right option.

And that's it.

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nextnextnextnextnextnextnextnextnextnextnextnextnextnextnextnext YAWNNNNN

As a game, I like it; that's why you get the 4 stars.

However: don't we have enough negative portrayals of masculinity in the media already? Every sitcom has the doofus dad, who'd fall apart without his womenfolk thinking for him. I'm so thoroughly sick of this trope - its persistence undermines masculine authority throughout society (replacing it with the "wisdom" of social institutions and bureaucrats), and it's utterly unrealistic to boot.

The fact of the matter is that men are the rational sex, not the emotive one; men make up the majority of accomplished philosophers, engineers, and scientists, NOT women. Men are not the sex so easily convinced by commercials to buy useless crap, and male headship in the household is utterly vital to a healthy family.

In this game you have the daughter smacking around her father and disrespecting him; you have a teenager acting as if Grade 11 philosophy has made her more rational than a father who's been an accountant for 20 years (boring? Maybe, but hard work); you have the father crying about what the mother thinks of him; and finally, you have his final words to his wife being "I'm sorry."

Pathetic. Utterly pathetic. If your goal is to further tear down masculinity, kudos; you're utterly typical of the feminist, anti-male media that we have nowadays. Maybe you should apply that fine philosophical mind to the present era: what is the crime rate of children raised by single mothers? What percentage of women are on anti-depressants, compared to the "oppressive" fifties? Which sex is known for working itself into an early grave to support the other? And which sex is more prone to abstract, intellectual pursuits, and which is more prone to gossip magazines?

Note to the ladies on here: you're the exception, you're the original geek girls, and you're exceptional. We're talking about averages, not the norm, but when the media presents a skewed version of reality enough times eventually people start to believe it. Stand up for your men.

ChiefWakamakamu responds:

This is one of the most misguided things I have read in a while, and prompted by so little too. The fact that you reduced both our characters to traits based off their gender is reductive to both of them.

I'm not sorry Socrates doesn't meet your backwards expectations for Male Performance, or that Ari happens to have some knowledge in the field she is passionate about. I'm just sorry that people still exist who still hold these regressive views and will reach so far to try to justify them.

I didnt even finish it, its soo booring. Judging by the high ratings i guess its interesting for low inteligent people. Low inteligent people like to hear obvious things..maybe cuz there are not so obvious for them...

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Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2013
8:51 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click