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A dynamic, colorful strategy. Help the magician's, to repel all attacks Vikings for five months!


Five months of battles!
20 Viking clans!
4 unique magician and skills!
Four unique construction, with the possibility of improvements!
Original soundtrack!
12 types upgrades!
At least 5 hours of exciting gameplay!

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Lakawak, these comments are for game reviews. you did not review the game. also if you have not noticed newgrounds is kind of a younger crowd. please try not to be rude thanks.

review - the game kept asking me to update flash. i am on chrome. it has flash built into it. it may be something on my end. my kid gets on here and may have used explorer for something and placed a 2nd flash at one time. let me know if this happens to anyone else.

i like the concept, wish the graphics was a little better. consider adding medals to gather more views.

thanks for the game

I found the game amazing it has its own unique play style. Ignore Lakawak I bet he could not even make a game intro.

How about cutting down on the Game Ark introduction time a bit? Feels like it takes at least 8 seconds, a bit too long for just a quick show of logo. As for the game itself, it's great! I love the combination of TD and puzzle, it's just like the classic click-matching-colors games, but with a completely new perspective added to it. Also a pretty entertaining interface, like the teeth you knock out on the main menu. Great game!


Good concept, good idea, although it feels very sloppy in the sense that it feels like no one ever play tested this game for scaling of difficulty. The game is very unforgiving and there are many situations where if you are dealt a bad set then it is impossible to clear even the first wave of the third day. The description says "possibility of improvement" but here i think it is necesary.

Stupid, Attacking them barely does anything