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Zombie World

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Zombie invade started! Defend survivors against hordes of zombies. Build towers, call reinforcements, create mine fields or bomb them. Choose your own play style.

Use mouse to place and upgrade turrets and spec ops.
WASD or ARROWS or Minimap to navigate trough map.
Set shadows to LOW if game lags (gear icon).

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This was a nice game, but there should have been some more test play, because there are a few obvious flaws.
1. the snipers are overpowered, making the turrets unneccesary, and you never use the level, instead always go for a bottleneck.
2. i started using the numbers on my keyboard instead of the icon on the screen and accidentally figured out that you don't have to wait for the icon to refresh if you use the keyboard. then i found out that levels that hold back certain icons(like the one without the footsoldiers) still allow you to use those units even without the icons.
3. maybe it's due to my playstyle, but if you ask me the waves are too long. especially the last wave of every level is just a waiting game.

Ok have a good idea here but some points.

1 What is the sense of having a bunch of money at the end of a round and you get totally no benefits from it for next round. Sometimes to the tune of over $1000 and not one cent goes forward to next round. Also with money, all enemies can't be paying the same price, harder to kill should be more money.

2 All targeting seems to be automatic, no manual targeting unless I haven't figured it out. Either allow a choice or at the very least target who is shooting at your turret or soldier or enemies near end of route.

3 Add a medic for soldiers (yea they heal but not fast enough) and repair drone for turrets. Both can be dropped in from the chopper.
Those are my cons with suggestions.

Pros are good concept and nice change to typical tower defence. Nice variety in both your team and enemies.

Only thing I would add is having a boss to end each round.

Overall good effort and concept, just a few things to really up the level on it.


No bad!

The game was pretty time consuming and had a good variety of units and strategy to use. That coupled with an upgrade menu and fucking zombies made the experience really Enjoyable for me. With that being said, I had some issues with some things like...

...Painfully intense lag when a lot of enemies are present on map and are being engaged

...The Shotgun turret is the only turret worth using. The Machine gun turret does shitty damage and the Rocket launcher turret can't aim worth a damn and is sloooooow on follow up shots. Now I understand upgrade points can kinda solve theses issues but you do not receive enough points to spend effectively.

...Tougher zombies should pay out more money when taken down. I hate how a standard zombie that is easy to kill is worth as much as the fucking Tank zombie which absorbs massive amounts of damage.

...After you've beaten the game you are rewarded with jackshit. (apart from 5 upgrade points) I would've loved to see an option to replay all levels with current upgraded stats and the opportunity to receive more upgrade points. Maxing out all stats would've given the game some replay value.

...This one isn't a HUGE deal but it would've been nice to see a bit of a storyline in between missions. I believe this component is necessary in really grabbing a players attention.

So yea, that's my take on this game. Though, do not let the above mentioned issues deter you from playing it. It was challenging and fun so give it a try.

*Here's some STRATEGY I found to be effective.*

-In most cases Shotgun turrets are your best bet. Its best to place them near bottle necks closer to the exist and/or at the exits. For example, place them on the right platforms at intersections so when they shoot, the rounds that miss have a chance to hit other zombies heading towards it.

- For the most part, Machine gun turrets are typically only useful when they are used along side Shotgun turrets.

-The sniper squad combo is fucking clutch for taking out zombies that have made it pass the majority of your defenses. One or two shots normally puts down a zombie that has taken some damage. (apart from the tank unless its almost...deader?) To really utilize them make sure you place them *OFF* the road just out of reach from nearby zombies. The riot shield guys won't see much action but it's ok because the sniper is what's important. Sides she will have guaranteed protection if zombies decided to wander onto the grass near her.

- In a crunch landmines will save your ass. They don't cost much and are extremely effective in dealing damage. I recommend setting these fuckers everywhere, especially near exits and entrances. Also keep in mind that when you place mines, they take some time to be air dropped by a helo and after they are dropped a cooldown timer will activate. An example of an effective deployment would be to drop them in FRONT of the zombies A WAYS DOWN so they are not missed.

- Pay attention to what zombie type walks onto the battlefield. The earlier you spot them the better decisions you will make when making purchases and placing units.

- Upgrade turrets whenever financially possible. If things slow down a bit and you see that you have banked a bit a cash, look to see where the majority of the action happens and upgrade appropriately in that area.

-If a zombie has made it through your defenses and you cannot afford to stop it, don't be afraid to sell something to gain the finances necessary to erect a turret close to it or drop some mines in front of it. Just make sure that what you sell isn't completely necessary to stopping other zombies. For example, if you have a LVL1 machine gun turret that's just kinda shooting in whatever direction and not really doing any damage, sell it and buy what you need to stop a zombie.
*NOTE*(if you are on your last wave and only a few zombies are left and have almost made it to the exits, just sell shit and move your defenses closer to the exits to stop them.)

-Make sure to start dealing damage to Tank zombies and Zombies with guns, as early as possible. Believe me when I say that these SOB's are a HUGE pain in the ass to kill when they have full health. Just drop mines in front of them and weaken them BEFORE they reach your Primary defenses.

- Spend upgrade points WISELY. Once you spend them you CANNOT undo them after hitting the SAVE button. I focused on the Shotgun turrets (damage), Snipers (reload time and damage), and Landmines (damage and quantity) with a few points going towards the Machine gun turret(damage) and the Riot shield guys.(health)

I thought it was an innovative idea to bring units, turrets, and special abilities together for a tower defense game; however, I felt that the game hasn't reached its full potential on the hardware side or on the play style. While the first few missions were good for tutorial, anyone could start them on Insane and make maybe two or three rifle groups and they would be fine for the majority of the level, the turrets had almost zero value, and the special attacks were nothing to write home about. I used the same rifle group up till the last mission, and wasn't too pleased with the fact that there was nothing to do after 12 missions. My only other thing I could find that I didn't like was that when I had more than 3-4 rifle groups on the map the game lagged massively, and my computer is built to be a gamer so I know it isn't on my end. Otherwise I think it has a lot of potential to be a good game, but it definitely would need some tweaks.