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The Dark Descent

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A Descida Escura (The Dark Descent)
Backgrounds & Directing by Miguel Mitchell Da Silva
Animation by Tom Gameson
Music by Joe Donohue

A Descida Escura is the story of an old man, alone at sea. He spends his days floating the ocean, fishing it's depths for memories. Sometimes though, they are not all nice..

This was our graduation film from University. It was created predominantly by a two man team over many months and many (many) all nighters.

Please leave your feedback. It's 14 minutes long, so grab a beer. Enjoy.



Thankyou for the frontpage & Daily 1st! Honoured!

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Backgrounds were amazing. I did keep noticing the difference between qualities of fore and back ground, but i just figured it was supposed to help the mood and ignored it. The message was a bit hard to grasp at first. What I took away was that he suffered from either lots of hardship or PTSD. It was very well done, I almost didn't watch it because of the length though, glad i did.

This was very well done. while the backgrounds were highly detailled (and I can tell that a lot of time was put into each one) the animated characters themselves (which were drawn without much detail) didn`t match the backgrounds. It felt like I was watching a huge unfinished project that was highly ambitious but halfway through the interest in the project was gone. Storywise it was a bit slow with a few interesting parts, but like in the end I feel like equal time should`ve been put into both the backgrounds and the animated characters, even if it meant taking less time on the backgrounds and spending equal time on both the backgrounds and animated characters. Cant wait to see what else you guys have in store for us!

Mogly responds:

thanks for the constructive crit. Yes! Would have been great to have better animation, but it was a two man job (one BG artist, one animator) so you can understand our dilemma :)

The animation is brilliant. The story is nice but very slow moving.

Sad. Very sad.
You need 5 stars for your work

Mogly responds:


Its strange... but this is strangely calming to me. The message I got out of it was that, in the end, you cant run from or fight the memories of what you have done to survive on this unforgiving planet. In the end, you must accept them, or they shall consume your life until you are nothing more than an empty shell of who you were.