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Space Cakes: Identity

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Sep 14, 2013 | 7:39 PM EDT

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Author Comments

A short thing on identity, please enjoy. You can follow me on youtube and twitter! And if youd also like, check out the music ;)




Rated 4 / 5 stars

Yea I'm kinda with chamois, No one likes society. I mean, you're on the right track with all this stuff, for me, it's a little new age. But yea, think a little deeper about everything around you and see what is superficial and what is real in life, then stick to it. You know? I mean, the animation was oookay, it wasn't really good, but your words really spoke. Next time, either, don't do too much animation and just talk a lot more, or put more emotion into the animation. Like the part about when you get really sensitive and you start to love everything around you and even the bird makes you want to cry, that really touched my heart. I didn't like the animations, it was too, internety or anime or whatever, personally, I like genuine people, and if you make your animations have that sort of genuine emotion in them, dude, you're golden. But if you like that sort of drawing style, then whatever. If you have any more idea's about the world around you or whatever, religion, society, truth, it doesn't matter. Just do more of these. I would prefer mainly audio and the visual to be more real. All these drawings have really exaggerated faces with really stupid humor, and i don't like it.
Like, this kind of animation is good
vs this garbage

I mean, it's stupid, not reaaally garbage, but it's not as real, it doesn't reach you like the mom animation did. There is no depth, it's really superficial. yea so

If you think a lot, do some about religion and love, and how everything is one, instead of the illusion of separateness. Don't listen to me though, i mean, yea listen to me, but think about it yourself.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

the message of this was really nicely articulated, very nice, however as a lesson, a little patonising to the audience, the character is speaking to the viewer in a context that makes it sound like you assume everyone watching bases themselves on their house, car and .... special....special.... yogurt... a lot of the lessons of identity you use almost make it look like you just assume that everyone is vain and materialistic and that you're showing everyone the light.

Its not an angry responce, dont worry XD i genuinly liked this video and i always love hearing people explain the way their mind processes deeper issues in life, the wording just left a bad taste in my mouth i guess, other than that, great work :)

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Tapyoca responds:

Oh jeez, patronizing was the last thing I wanted to be. Thanks for being kind though, and dont take anything I say seriously :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow this is real deep, i get what your saying, and you're right. good job! ...Now i really want yogurt...

Tapyoca responds:

Thanks man :) , I was hoping it might click with some people. Even if they didnt understand like half of it haha. Cheers, enjoy your yogurt.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm that creepy orge guy!

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It's like having really bad reverberation and calling yourself a good voice actor.

If words didn't have meaning, gravity or a point then we wouldn't use them, asswipe.