Sonic TDE Episode 3

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This is Episode 3 of Sonic & The Dark Emeralds
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Sprites are given credit to there respective owners
in particular
Aeon-Aeon The Hedgehog


can some one tell the music when shadow battle metal shadow

yea and yr music also good Just ignore that guy saying about music :D

Ignore what the guy said on the comment. KEEP the opening. I think what do you need is just the voice actors

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First things first. YOU REALLY need to cut down that opening. I understand you're going for an anime style opening, but that needs to stop. That's probably going to make a lot of people ragequit your series right there. Second, you should really get some voice actors. The choppy, scratchy voice clips are NOT getting the job done. A few were alright, but for the most part, not having the characters actually talk is what hurts a flash animation, whether it's handdrawn or sprite. There are certain points where voice clips could have a powerful impact on the flash. There were a few lines that if I had heard a voice for it, I probably would have had chills.

I do like your taste in music though. Granted it's mostly DBZ music, but so far, your choices in music have been spot on so far. I think that's done the best so far in setting the tone. Your story is interesting and very entertaining. Keep up the good work. Just fix the two problems and this could VERY easily become a great series.

Other than those two problems, I don't see any other real issues with the series that isn't just me being nitpicky.

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2.35 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2013
9:26 PM EDT