Zombies in Space

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Skills, level-ups, different weapons and achievements... And plenty of angry zombies to shoot! Original soundtrack included.

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@MASTERKENNETH125, we should give games a FAIR rating, not an instant 5-star for a stupid game that I can make in 25 minutes. So shut up.
I give this game 3 stars, it is pointless, easy and the gameplay would only be worth 2.5 stars, but the oxygen element added you an extra half a star.

I Don't Care Whateveryone Says If They Hate This. Making A Game Is Hard Work, Whoever Knows Me. . . I'm The Game Protector if everyone hates this they are wrong becaust NOT everyone hates this acxept me i dont care. . . Fuck Me, I'm An Asshole I Dont Care Because Making A Game is Hardwork And This Guy Deserves A 5 Star Rating Even His Game Sucks I'll Still Protect it No Matter What Happends Because I Am The One Who Makes Guys Happy And What If You Had A Game And Everyone Hates it? What Would You Feel? Sad Right? And You Dont Want To Feel That If You Wanna Feel Good Don't SayAnything Bad About THis map If you hate this game DO NOT ever chat again and if you hate other games DO NOT EVER CHAT because if you made a game i know it will happen to you too So If I were You When I Hate Games I Will just chat "Hello" and then Give it a 5 Star Rating Because i Don't Want to make people sad and Mad And Also because I'm A Catholic. And Whoever's with me Follow Me, Add Me, And Be With me By Making People happy Because I Know Some of You Like Krinkles,Cheshyre,Swain,Hank,etc. Can't You Guys Just be Good To Other Creators? And Give This Game A 5 Star Rating? I Little Hate And Like This Game But Can't You Guys See Me? Even I Hate This Game I'm Still Protecting It. That Is What A True Hero Does And A True Catholic Do.

Just one question: How do the enemies kill you?

Movement is like molasses. All you have to do is hold down Z and things die. Enemies never get too close for comfort, and you never lose health, except when you try to pick up weapons. I remember trying to pick up the weapon on display and just dying. Why did I die? I dunno. Why should I feel threatened by zombies who can't bite me anyway? And they have gloves on, so they can't break skin.

At least you made a functional game. It's more than I can say for some people, I guess.

Tendency to lag, controlos with bad response, 2nd weapon absolutely useless... give me a rason to play this?

Also the damn music grates on the nerves after a short bit!

Endless repetition with ever increasing lag.
Run back and forth, HOLD Z, win, no challenge whatsoever.
If you ever need a bailout press C, kill everything...zzz.
2nd weapon shoots NOTHING and will not hit ANY enemy or debree.

More guns, more enemy types, explanations on the awards you can get, REMOVE THE CORPSE PILES.
You also need a reason to jump, the flying debree has no purpose unless you're hiding up top waiting for a laser recharge. And the rocket jump is almost as pointless as the "unlockable" gun. -.-