The Ultimate MK Parody

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EDIT - 06-03-2008:
WOW, finally I managed to retrieve my password, havn't been able to log in for years!, the recover password never worked for me. I'm editing some of my movies with this info to tell you all my site is now www.retrogaming4ever.org, AND Kung Fu 4 will not be completed as the source is long gone :(. I have recently started with Flash again and are only into programming games now, still a noob, I know the basics but it's enough to make some cool games, just need to be a little clever :). There is an updated version of Kung Fu - Remix on my site, I do not bother to upload it here. The site needs updates and some links and stuff might not work... donno when I'll do it :). A lot of my time I spend on www.RecordedAmigaGames.or g.

I have always wanted to make my own Mortal Kombat parody, and after seeing some on Newgrounds, I decided to go for it.

Hope you don't have higher resolution than 1024x768, it's small as it is already. If there is something you would like to get a closer look at (like the credits), just Print Screen, paste it and zoom in :)

I had a hard time deciding whether I would present it in 256x223 (which is its original format) or double it as I do with most my movies. But I decided to show it in 256x223 because I don't want it to be "choppy" on slow computers.

I have included a "Secret", ehh.... which is quite impossible to find if you don't know my REAL name :)... enough.

(If the credits song is annoying, just lower the volume. I didn't want to add a "stop music" button because it would ruin the whole design.)

What i was going for here was to make a perfect game parody of MK. I wanted it to look exactly like it does when playing it. I never went for a comedy. I just want to make an awesome fight with alot of combos (I love combos). So if you think it looks exactly like the game, I'm happy.

A big part of game parodies (or any movie for that matter) is that it should ALWAYS be smooth. I use between 20-30fps in all my movies, but mostly 20. In this MK parody I had to use 30 because of the speed and movement of the characters. Otherwise it wouldn't have looked and felt like the real thing.


(Ahh, f#ck!, just type "Kent" at the Credits screen :) )


Type "Kent" at the Credits screen :) )

I love how you troll us with the credits

This was actually fun :D

How the hell am I supposed to do the Brutality thing? It doesn't highlight which of the four keys (aszx) to press!!!

This Parody is good! Thx! LOL!

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Sep 1, 2002
1:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature September 1, 2002