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Xbox One Reveal

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So this was supposed to be uploaded months ago, but to be honest I was disappointed with the result. However I've decided it would be good to get some feedback on it from you guys! That and the 'first ever upload' was a milestone that kept running away from me!

Its the first thing I ever animated bigger than a 2 second walk-cycle, so it was more of an experiment and learning process than anything else.

So don't hold back on the critique, I hold absolutely no personal connections to this project

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when the faves came up it was so funny! And the animation is super simple and smooth

very good just the ending i think needed something just something loud i think. i duno but good work man :)

If anyone were to watch this instead of the actual conference....you would still get the same experience and dissapointment that the actual conference offered. Great flash. Loved it!

Somehow your version of the presentation sounds even more surrealistically ridiculous than it actually was. Good job.

Concerning porkerpants' review: Looks like someone's got their panties in a bunch that they're one of the few Microsoft fanboys here...

1- That the lend policy was officially supposed to exist at all at some point in time is in and of itself a major peeve.
2- Making money? That's what selling digital games and swag is for; most people AFAIK would prefer a choice between free basic service and paying deluxe service.
3- Maybe it's because I'm in Canada, but except for one time where they did maintenance, PSN hasn't been down when I tried to access it for years.
4- Last I checked we still had freedom of speech, so no, we won't shut up.

A lot of people on this comment section are really stupid. First of all, all the people whining about the "lend game policy", they revoked that a long ass time ago. Second, everyone saying how stupid it is to pay for xbox live, well they need to make money, and they also have the best servers in the console world. PSN is always down from what I hear from my friends, and Nintendo well, they're getting there anyways. So shutup. Good animation though. 4 stars for the idea.