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A Space Runner

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In the year 2193, Earth became extremely polluted and ran out of solutions to dispose human wasted products due to the overpopulation and progressed technology. It was decided that all garbage was to be sent into spaceships and be thrown away into outer space...

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So I went ahead and watched it again.

Most of my original review stands, but I'll recap.

The use of real life bitmaps wasn't that jarring and the music was well suited for the mood of the movie.

It did seem to drag on a bit too much though. I did notice that the stage was no longer visible behind the starfield. One thing I did pick up on this time (another minor nitpick) was that the crowd of aliens was poorly composed. They were standing in awkward positions.

One more major issue was that there didn't seem to be a punchline. When I was writing my original review, I jotted down a note in the review box, and as the movie ended, I thought I missed the joke. It could be that your joke is implicit, but personally, I can't see what the joke was supposed to be - the movie just ended.

Like I say, it's a very long movie, with not a lot going on, and the payoff doesn't seem to be worth it.

Otherwise, I thought this was a pretty good.

EddLioni responds:

Yes, the animation is implicit. There is not really a joke (guess people are used to seing funny things in newgrounds), but the movie holds an irony. I don't wan't to give it away but the irony centers on the empty coca-cola can, I let the viewer put a bit of thought in it.

Aniway, thank you very much for your review!

I got board and did not finish the video.