Sex Kitten RPG2: MindFuck

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EDIT 2016: Due to some audio content being copyrighted for some reason, they have been removed from ingame. If you find some areas suddenly going mute, that's probably why. Use the media player onscreen to replay the music.

This is it. Almost 2 years of research and development; and it's finally ready.

Sex Kitten RPG2, codenamed "Mindfuck", takes off from where our two idiot protagonists left off, walking through a strange, pulsating portal to lands unknown.

Unpredictably (or perhaps predictably?), they arrive in a strange universe that connects other realms together. Our idiot hero goes on MORE insane shenanigans in the three worlds that the 'nexus realm' connects to.

Play through three interconnected worlds, and find a way to return home before your girlfriend Slutty McSlut loses patience with you! Good luck!

This game now has:
> An opening that will make some people smile.
> Easy mode, for kids.
> A LOT of non-standard (and sometimes hilarious) game-overs.
> A neutral, and true ending.
> A massively upgraded battle system.
> A trading quest that spans all three worlds.

Controls: Up, down, left and right on the keyboard to move your character in the game world. Click on items in the inventory window to use 'em. Medikits and Stimpacks restore your health. Remember to keep 'em handy, as the worlds in this game are really dangerous to your health.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped out with this project - from animation to ideas, from brainstorming to publishing. You know who you are! This game would not be finished if it weren't for you people.

I hope everyone has as much fun playing this game as much as I had making it!.

If you liked this shit, and think you can help us make more shit, join our team!

EDIT: AAAAARGH 1 TYPO CAUSES BACK-BUTTON BUG. And fixed. Nice job pointing it out!

EDIT2: More bugs fixed. Man, where would I be without you people? Thanks for the headsup!

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where the heck're the tools to open the panel @ in the bottom right teleportal? D: (possible to say where in a review or something) *matsumi restores only 20 hp,and not 50 hp,& it's to hard to outheal afh spirits's dmg due to it,lol+i have barely under enough maximum stim packs to be able to defeat him/her,and i mean barely.

@ the warped highway,how do you not just teleport somewhere instead of getting to the floating isle............??? (you can reply how in a review,or if impossible to reply,say how in another review,lol) *all three songs in the jukebox in the joint're'll muted but no other songs,so not the song you start out w/and the other songs you can choose from by clicking bgm 1/2/3.

Yomuchan responds:

Buy a toolbox in that world, of course.

Never did find Key #6

Good troll with easy mode hahaha I wanted to play on hard mode anyways =W=
I loved the ending hahaha is basically what all this series are all about
Animation is smoother, and even at the start it seems that effort was put in this
RPG system seems so familiar, I think I had seem this system before
I like the sprites and how they are more interactive, they move and things like that after dialogues
More slutty Mcslut art :"D god she is so cute sleeping uwu (that's weird, but let me be weird! (?)
I can see this guy comes from minecraft or something...
Dietcoke.... dude... chill...
This guy is the best dancer I had ever seem
.........HOW DARE U U SILLY *we will comeback after the commercials..... even though there are no commercials shaddup and let me be* I hate that guy with fast hands.....
Well, I had been playing for hours and man.... it just sucks, I had tried going everywhere for the love potion and no one gets it, not even you, them after a while when I try to talk to you again now you let me, I mean what the fuck? is this some kind of bug or dumb shit? this just makes the game suck ass and is really discouraging, I was tired of it and worst is that there are not walkthroughs, I spent legit hours talking to everybody like 10 times and them I started to look background closely, if that's a bug, that's the worse because is just stupid, I am really pissed of for that but good thing is that after that I knew what to do, yay (? finally, is good to go back to know what you have to do

Well, there is a door I could not unlock, I only found 4 keys, I need 6, I don't know where the other 2 are :( fuck, oh well, nice game 10/10 again but this time this is just the best of the series
I only wish there were tutorials and walkthroughs, I wonder what is in that door

Geddan in the disco... nice!

I appreciate the honorable memorial you put in for Fred Rogers. And it actually contained facts, which most of your games do contain as an additional educational bonus. Thank you,... you guys do care about the state of the average fuckbois i.q. Much thanks from all of us out here in Fuckdom. We'll miss you always Mr. Rogers.

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Sep 6, 2013
3:10 AM EDT
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