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The House

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You're in a strange house. Can you find the way out? is there any?

Some information:
* The game should automatically save your progress. You can reset it using settings > reset game.
* You can enter full screen through settings > full screen.
* You can drag rooms using your mouse.
* It's my bachelor project made under the supervision of professor Bogdan Krol at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.
* This is the first game I've ever made. ;)

Some answers:
* The panels *
I'm not happy with the puzzles as they feel forced. If I was about to make this section once again, I would play it completely different. I'd choose something better suited for the game world. But... What's done it's done.

* The third panel *
I knew it's a tough one. :) I first sketched all of the panel's puzzles and then tried to figure out how to solve them myself. The plan was to make the first one easy, the second one medium, and the last one super hard. Kind of like a last boss. I guess that I've succeeded? I really wasn't aware that it could be a "game breaker".

* Overall game difficulty balance *
I had completely no experience with game design before and... Not all puzzles are clear, some of them are way too difficult, some way too easy. I'm aware of that. Sorry!

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Buggy...I just went out from the "telephone room" and everything frezzed :(

well, the music and animations were great. too bad its kinda buggy

Can't remember when my last review was, but I'm STILL having the same problem! The screen won't do anything. There's an X, the info, and behind all that is I'm assuming the game buttons, but I can't get anything to work!! I haven't even got to play this, and I've tried searching on different websites, and each time, no matter where I'm at, I keep having the same problem. I've even checked shit on my computer to make sure the problem wasn't on my end. It's not. Gotta say, because I can't play it, I want to play it even more than I probably would've before! I don't even care if it sucks. Just fix this problem so I can play, and I don't care if it's shitty or not, immediate FIVE STARS will be rewarded if one day I get back here, and I can actually PLAY IT! Thanks.

It is just black. Theres nothing here. Just links to your twitter. and an X that doesn't do anything. hmmmm.

Nice one, if you take out the bugs. I read that someone found the riddles difficult, but they were pretty simple indee. Maybe the [SPOILER]three panels riddle at the end[/SPOILER] were a bit hard, but I managed to resolve them after thinking a while. There's not much story, but I like it that way. It leave a lot to imagination and personal thoughts on the theme. Good job, keep doing like that :D